What is the best kind of bathtub waste/overflow? Please help!

collins designNovember 9, 2010

We're putting a new tub/shower in. It will be used primarily by a teenage girl for showers and tub soaking. We saw that American Standard has a "Deep Soak" drain (#1640.305) that adds 2" water depth by relocating the overflow to the top of the overflow hole (this drain is marketed as being appropriate for the tub, an A.S. Princeton). She likes that idea (as do I, otherwise she'll use MY bathtub!); however, I wonder about the quality and design of the drain. It's a "toe-tapper" kind, and both the drain cover and overflow cover are chrome-plated plastic.

Do you think this will be fine, or should I look at one with metal parts?

Are the lever or cable types better when it comes to longevity?

How about hair clogs? She has long hair. Seems like lever type, with a grid, would be better for that than the toe-tapper kind.

I hate to spend big bucks ($80 for the one I'm considering) if it's a piece of junk--- but if it's fine, she'd appreciate the extra water depth.

What do you guys recommend?

This is the A.S. "Deep Soak" drain:

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As a home improvement guy (but not a pro plumber), I wouldn't encourage a water level higher than the tub's opening for the overflow since water could get past the gasket and behind the wall if there's any break in the seal. I had a job where the kitchen ceiling got damaged below because of that.

As for drain types, pop-ups don't catch the hair and one has to unscrew them every so often and get the hair out. You'd be better off with one like this:


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collins design

Thanks, homebound. That one does look sturdy!
We DO have total access to this drain from below (unfinished basement) so a leak would not be too hard to fix, hmmm...... maybe not worth the risk though?

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