What do I do with a hot tub?

dreambuilderMarch 20, 2013

Bought a house with this hot tub, I have no idea how to clean it or maintain it? I don't know what kind it is, etc...Do I just call a spa person to come in and show me stuff or is there a simple way to clean it, take care of it/check chemicals, etc...

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First off I would drain it. Go to your local hot tub/pool supply store. Even my local hardware store keeps chemicals on hand. Doesnt matter the brand, they are all roughly the same. You can ask for a start up kit or just get test strips, shock, alkalinity up, calcium,a mineral/ metal remover and chlorine. I based this on the ones muse the most, i have town water. It Should cost about $60-75. Drain the tub before you go to the store.
There should be a drain along a bottom corner, attach a hose, open valve and wait. It will take an hour or two. Wipe down the inside real well. Don't use a cleaner, it will make bubbles in the tub when you refill it. Fill it up to about 4" from the top edge. Take a water sample to your pool store and have them test it. They can give you a printout of your water with what chemicals to use and how much. You will be able to use it in 24 hours after setup.

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Stand alone hut tub maintenance is super easy. I have had one for over 20 years and use it almost nightly with no issues. I agree with much of the previous post although I am never fond with involving pools stores in my maintenance because you will get chemicals and expenses that just aren't necessary. A few points.

A. I would use Bromine. Use a Bromine floater, get Bromine pucks, keep a few in there at all times and your sanitizer is covered. Chlorine breaks down too rapidly in heat and isn't as stable and Baquacil is difficult to maintain and pricey.

B. Use Mule Team 20 and baking soda for your PH and alkalinity adjustments. Use small doses to start and test afterwards. Soon you will get a feel for what your water requires to keep these stable.

C. Drain it regularly. It is super easy to do and is often easier than trying to right the water. I drain mine every three months. Yours appears to be pretty small like mine so it is not a large water consumption concern.

D. Buy a spare filter and change them regularly. I swap them once a week. Spray out the dirty one and let it sit in the sun until you do you next swap, The sun will help break down nasties in it.

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As the previous poster stated , the stand alone hot tubs are easy to maintain and repair .
The internet is your friend . Look up your model online. Print out the instruction manual . I took mine to Kinko's to have it covered and bound.
Bromine, regular water changes and your set for the most part .

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