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tim2807November 9, 2010

I recently had a Kinetico water softener, dechlorinator, and drinking water station (K5)installed. My question - do I really need the water station filtration since the softener and dechlorinator seem to address the lousy water taste/smell in Clearwater, FL? I have tried the water from the station spigot and from the regular sink faucet and both virtually taste/smell the same. I have a few more days left on my trial period so I would appreciate all input. Thanks

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The K5 is a reverse osmosis sytem. The quality of water difference will be significant. Tastes are a matter of taste. But softened water, even with a dechlorinator, will contain dissolved solids (TDS) but the RO will remove those TDS to a great degree. A TDS meter will be able tell the difference even if taste is not.

The sales staff should have pointed that out to you.

What model softener did you have installed? What kind of 'trial period' did they give you?

Andy Christensen, CWS-II

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Your supplier will have a TDS meter with them. They can demonstrate this to you in seconds and explain the benefits. Surprised they didn't do that in the beginning. Agree taste is different for everyone.

I have the same units you do. I don't like the taste of soft water. The K5 fixes that for me.

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