Doggie seatbelts (harnesses) pro or con?

schoolhouse_gwDecember 20, 2013

My 84yr.old mother has a Cavalier who is a sweetheart but very
excitable when riding in the car. He will eventually settle a little but it's when the car stops and she needs to remove him i.e. to the vets, groomers. He's just enough excited that I'm afraid he will knock her down one of these times when she tries to get him out via the leash.

I've heard different opinions about the seat belts that are really harnesses. Are they a helpful item or dangerous to the dog?

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I don't know the answer to your question, but I have been looking at several type myself for our dog. I would be concerned about the dog distracting her or disrupting her driving, so for her sake and not necessarily the dog's, it would be wise to get him connected to something. Also, a dog should ride in the back seat if for no other reason than that an exploding airbag can kill a dog.

The one I'm thinking about is linked below. I know you are wondering if a dog could be hurt more being attached than loose. I'm thinking it might be safer using this one if the dog is in a harness, not a collar.

Here is a link that might be useful: dog safety

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Thanks socks. I've had this web page bookmarked for awhile now. I don't think Charlie (Mom's Cav.) has ever worn a harness so that might take a bit getting used to first. I like the idea. When he's still in the harness/seat belt, she can clip his leash on. She wouldn't have to worry about him bounding off the seat and into the street before she had a good hold on him. Wonder how tricky it is to release the harness/belt? I suppose the best idea would be to train him to "stay" and behave until she can lead him out.

Here is a link that might be useful: safety harness

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I have used harnesses and seatbelts with dogs and they never minded. I have used short leashes to tie dogs to metal tie-down loops built into the car, and have used a couple of different styles of ones that buckle into the seatbelts. Having one that you can click the leash onto while the dog is still tied up to the seatbelt is the best. I also have the elevated platform/nest for the small dog so that she can see out when she is tied in place. She loves it!

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I know what you mean about the dog jumping out before being leashed as mine tries to do that. I'm teaching him to WAIT he's. pretty good but it is always a risk.

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Using a car or walking harness is a excellent idea.

Many can serve as both a walking harness and a car restraint harness. I have two. The first I bought about twelve years ago from Petsmart. It was called the Canine Car something. Last month I bought another harness, this one was for my current dog and was a bit fancier. Brand name Fugo, or Furgo, something like that. Model was a close out at Petco. Costs were $16 and $30 as I recall.

If you drive with a dog you have the responsibility of making sure the animal(s) is secure. Read about a case in a dog magazine a year or so ago. Driver with unsecured dog was groping for a dropped cell phone (or something similar). The vehicle struck another vehicle head on. The dog went thru its vehicle, thru the other windshield, and stuck and killed the driver. The first driver is serving a period in prison. I assume for some form of manslaughter, but there could have been DWI, or other charge.

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Just found something interesting. I have no connection to the site mentioned, or any product mentioned, or either store mentioned.

Center for Pet Safety
2013 Harness Report
tested a number of car harnesses

Only the Sleepypod Clickit Utility harness got a good grade. The others (including the Furgo I mentioned in my last post) did not do so well.

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robertz6 - thanks for the info and research. Will check out the ones you mentioned. Ugh, watched the Clickit harness "test dummy" video - scary!

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Schoolhouse --

glad you found the info of value. The product is $90.

The tests seem to be legit. This info from the Center for Pet Safety was mentioned by the following:

ABC news
Forbes Magazine
Consumer Reports

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Slight correction. The Sleepypod Clickit Utility Harness previously mentioned costs between $90 and $100 depending on the size. In a previous post I wrote it was $90.

No one is my metro area seems to carry it. Ordering from their web site seems like the best way to get the product. I found Amazon too confusing; seems like you should go right to the product, but I never find myself there.

These tests by the Center for Pet Safety seem like a great idea. Maybe the other manufacturers will have to get their products up to the same quality. On the other hand, maybe pet owners won't want to pay for quality. Two months ago before noticing the tests, I bought the Furgo for my dog, $30 for a medium size harness.

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