How to stop steam radiator water hammering?

blakkNovember 23, 2011

Hi, I just converted to gas from oil..I have a large 3 family with an old single pipe steam radiator system. The new boilers are around 82% efficient. It was installed in the summer, so I'm only now starting to work out the bugs!!

The main problem I'm having is trying to eliminate the noise (water hammering) associated with a steam radiator system. I have tried all the standard remedies related to this problem. I have drained and refilled the boilers several times, keeping the water level a little above half in the sight glass. I have made sure that each and every radiator is pitched towards the valve. I have insulated all the mains in the basement with 1000 degree fiberglass steam pipe insulation. I have even changed many of the vents at the radiators. While these actions have help significantly in reducing the water hammering noise! They have not totally eliminated them!

Any recommendations out there as to what more I can do to completely eliminate this problem?



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You probably have pipes that are no longer pitched correctly.

Single pipe steam systems rely on the pitch of the pipes to allow water to drain back to the boiler.

in older houses it is not uncommon for there to have been enough settling to disturb the pipe pitch.

This creates traps of water the interfere with the operation of the steam system and can cause noise, sometimes a lot of noise.

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