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just1rider450November 13, 2013


I have a house I just purchased in Anaheim, CA 92807. I am a residential plumber and will be going to install a softener and carbon system from my city water supply. For the next two years my house will just be my wife and I, (2 people) with moderate to high use (75-90 gal per person, per day). In two years we will be having a kid in the mix and another a couple years later.

I plan to use a Fleck 7000sxt head.

I have a few things I would like help with.

1. I was wondering if there is a way to build a softener to meet my variable needs by starting with a large tank now and a lower resin amount ( say 1 cf) and proper programing and add/change resin as the demand increases.

2. What type of carbon should i use? standard activated carbon or go with something a little more chlorine resistant like a kdf-55.

3. I am off city water (hardness of 22), but don't know the levels of chlorine at my house yet. I have a water quality report from the city (generic), but dont know how to read it. Any recommendations on a good tester for chlorine?

I plan to use a Fleck 7000sxt head

I am open to all comments and suggestions. Keep in mind I am a plumber, so all labor cost are nothing to be concerned with as I will be doing all installation and maintenance.

Thank you.

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If you don't know how to read your city's water report, post it or post a link to it.

75-90 gallons per person per day is high water use, well above the average of 60. Is this a guess or actual usage? Does it include outdoor water use? Softened water should be plumbed for indoor use only to avoid high salt usage and potential damage to lawn and plants.

Now to your questions:

  1. The way to account for variable needs is to purchase the size you will need, sized for 4 people and then allow the softener to go longer between regens initially - it will regulate itself. Regen time will shorten as you use more water.

  2. Just use a standard GAC. For residential applications the additional expense for the KDF-55 will not work out in the cost/benefit analysis.

  3. Post the report or a link to it and go off the city's numbers. You have to plan for maximum chlorine.

Additionally, you need to know: pH, TDS, particulates, sulfates, odor, color. Any other complaints about your water?

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