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debrajessupFebruary 25, 2014

Hello, I'm new to the forum and looking for some help. We are building a pool in Leon Springs,TX . I would like a second option about the pipes around the pool. I've never seen it done this way and I'm a little worried. LOL...I really haven't seen any pools build, so I have no idea what to expect. Our PB is telling us that the pipes will be covered with dirt and then some type of flagstone. If trenches are not dug for these pipes, will they be ok just covered with dirt and flagstone? PB says they don't install underneath the pool because it makes it easier to repair if needed.

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There are a few things wrong with this picture. Although the builder may cover the pipe with dirt it will barely be under the concrete. When I tear off an old deck around a pool I often run into the plumbing because the pipes are not buried deep enough. They are sitting right underneath the concrete. I will grade out my yard 7 1/2" below the top of my form and the trench my plumbing trenches 12" below that. 12 to 14 inches in the dirt below grade is common practice.

You can heat bend pipe. You just can't heat it up so much it leaves burn marks on the pipe like I see in several spots in the picture. Tear it out. It's no good when it gets like that.

I see rebar sitting on the pipe in the shallow area. That is also a no go. It creates a weak spot in the Shotcrete. The pipe needs to be buried under the dirt.

Bricks are not allowed as dobies for concrete. Only concrete dobies are allowed. The brick is a weaker material.

A water bottle is not an OSHA approved cap for rebar. Some one falls on that and they are in for an unpleasant day.

Hope this helps.

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