.67 Energy Star Water Heater Worth it?

chaocaiNovember 13, 2011

I'm considering a couple different models of Rheem water heaters (42XR50-40F .62EF & 43V50E2 .67EF). My utility company is offering a rebate that will cover the extra cost of the energy star model, but there are a couple of drawbacks in my opinion:

1) The energy star has an electronic ignition (no pilot light), so that means no hot water during a power outage.

2) The energy star unit has a digital thermostat and all kinds of error conditions that will shut down the tank if triggered.

I think I could use a computer UPS to run the igniter for a while during a short power outage, but it's something to consider for longer outages. I'm also concerned that the extra electronics in the energy star model could mean more things to go wrong, and hence higher maintenance costs. I also think that going from .62 to .67 EF is not going to be a huge difference in operational cost, so the EF numbers don't really concern me that much.

Which one would you pick if they were about the same price?

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I think you are correct about the move from .62 to .67 not being that big of a savings.

I'm not sure why everyone needs to suddenly jump in the shower when the power goes out, but for some people it's a consideration.

stay with the basic heater.

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