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kn1564November 15, 2010

I am looking for a good regulator. Here is me issue. My Static Pressure is 130psi. My flow pressure is 110-120 with all faucets open (shocked me also.) the issue I am having is I either keep blowing up the prv or it destroys my flow pressure, ie static pressure will be desired pressure (60-80) but my flow will be like 15. The ones that allow the volume and keep my static and flow pressure at 70 +\- 10 last 3-4 months and fail in the form of pressure returns to normal. This started with a new tower put up. City has been out and put a regulator on. Worked great for 2 weeks. Died. City "informed me" due to the rural area I am in (14 miles outside city only reason I have water is I am between city and source) that there isn't much the can do) I just wnt a good one that will last even annual replacement is better than this. Thanks in advance

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Did they install an expansion tank with the PRV?

PRVs often result in a 'closed' system requiring an expansion tank to prevent the water heater from running the pressure back up.

A utility installed PRV is NOT going to be very high quality either.
Think lowest cost.

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