how much did euthanasia of your dog cost ?

love2gardennDecember 5, 2010

First of all.. to all of you who've had to have this done, my heart goes out to you.

Is a very difficult and painful decision . I know for I had to have it done to my dear

dog recently.

However, after it's all said and done... I would like to ask you all what you had to pay to have your pet put to sleep ?

I thought what I had to pay was kind of high, IMHO.

It included sedation and the vet's office taking care of the body disposal and cost right at $ 150.00. This dog weighed about 65 pounds , I guess size would have a bit to do with the cost also.

Thank you !

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We live in the country, so we have the space and can legally bury our pets on our own ground. I just paid $75 to have a kitten put to sleep, and paid $65 last year to have a dog put to sleep. On both bills were office consults, because I wanted to run it by the vets both times, to be sure I wasn't jumping the gun and to get a prognosis. Had I just brought them in for the procedure, it would have been less.

I suspect if I need to have the vets assume the after care, it would have been close to what you paid. They take them to a local crematory. As far as the procedure, there isn't a big difference in cost for small or large, as the drug is cheap and only a small charge for more of it.........but sedation and handling would probably would probably be higher for a large animal.

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That's about typical.

We had ours beagle, Felix, put to sleep, and we had him cremated and then returned to us so that we could keep him in an urn. It cost more money but was worth it. I think it ran us almost $200 due to requesting our ashes back.

When I was 19 my Mom put one of our dogs to sleep and we brought it back to bury it in the yard. Personally, I will NEVER EVER do that again. It was so hard to have her dead body in my car on the way home. And then having to hoist her dead body into a huge hole we had to dig.

It was actually much more traumatic to me than actually putting her down!

The whole thing is very personal - some want to bury their dearly beloved, some want ashes, some don't have a preference.

Shorta nswer is taht no you were not ripped off.

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Costs are going to vary wildly. It depends on if you want the dog to have a sedative first, it depends on if you want a solo cremation or not. It depends on if the vet is mobile or not and how big the overhead the vet is paying to run the practice. If you want the askes back or it is hard to set down a specific or even a general price..

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

I had my dog put down last December. The vet came to my house. She sedated him and then gave him the final injection. He was going to be cremated anyway, so i opted to take his ashes. I think the whole thing cost about $250. I'm sure it depends on what area of the country you live, the size of the animal and what you want done afterwards. To me, it was worth having her come to the house so that my dog was not freaked out as he would have been if I had taken him in to their office. He always hated going to the vet, and this was one thing I could do for him in his final days.

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$75.00, but not a subject I like to dwell on for obvious reasons.

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On the other end of the spectrum, the emergency vet here charged me about $150-200 (can't remember) to euthanize my cat (she had FIP) at their office (it was a weekend, but during the day). They actually charged me extra to be in the room. No disposal was included (we buried her at home).

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Yikes. We had to take my mom's cat to the emergency vets for euthanasia and they charged $65, I think. We didn't stay with him. She just couldn't do it. It's so hard no matter how you do it.

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I am amazed by these stories. Is there a difference between dogs and cats?

Our 16 year old cat was put down by our vet and there was no charge. We were allowed to be alone with her before the drugs were administered and also after she died. She had been their patient for all of her life.

There was a $75 fee for having her individually cremated at the SPCA and her remains returned to us via the vet; I wrote the check to the SPCA, not the vet.

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It irritates me! My old vet (long retired) never charged the 'regulars' for euthanasia, his feeling was that it was the least he could do for a lifetime of care. But I guess that type of attitude doesn't exist any longer. Our new vet came to the house to euthanize our 21 year old cat, Tiffany. She charged $50.

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My old vet (long retired) never charged the 'regulars' for euthanasia, his feeling was that it was the least he could do for a lifetime of care. But I guess that type of attitude doesn't exist any longer

I sort of agree with you...We do have occasional vets like that around here, but not many.

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Anna was less than 20 lbs ..... I was charged $75 - and that included everything. I don't think that was bad.

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ok, thanks to everyone and again, sorry for all your losses.
I do think we were way overcharged considering how much it actually cost the vet for the meds. to perform such an action.
Would've buried her ourselves here on the farm but it was very cold and rainy here at the time.
sable ca, I like the way your vet works with giving the $ to the SPCA, that's a wonderful idea .

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I see this is an old post but it is the best fit for my search. I have a long response that I am posting to reviews as well as ASPCA site so I am posting it here as well.

I have waited a few days to write this complaint so I did not just come off as a grieving upset pet owner who just lost her dog.
I had my rescue mix female dog for 17 years. She had arthritis reoccurring cysts or growths on her belly that sometimes reabsorbed and went away or on 2 occasions I had to have removed. Her quality of life had rapidly decreased over the past few months. Although the decision to put an animal to sleep is a very hard one I know it needs to be made with your animals health, happiness, pain level and quality of life as your main deciding factor. I believe if you keep your pet alive when they are in pain and have lived years beyond there life expectancy it is selfish. Hour pet has given you years of comfort and unconditional love so keeping them alive when they are suffering is wrong. A few years ago I had to put my 18 year old rescue dog to sleep due to her arthritic pain, glaucoma pain from a swollen eye and her inability to make it outside to use the bathroom was very humiliating and embarrassing for her as you could see the shame in her face. When we took her to the vet they were kind they explained everything when the time came they sedated her then gave her the shot.

My experience with my second dog could not be more opposite. I knew the time was coming and dreaded it. I returned home one morning on my work break to find my dog on the floor laying in blood with blood on her face from licking. Her cyst had ruptured and was bleeding severely. She is 65 lbs. I got her in the car and took her to the nearest vet office. On the phone I was told it would be the exact same steps as my last. When I arrived they ask I pay first which is best because after the last thing you need to be doing is settling the bill. I then found out they were going to charge me $55 more to be in the room with her so I had to go with a lesser package because there was no way I was not going to be with her. When the vet found this out things changed quickly. They went back on their word on sedating her before the shot the vets words after stating they would sedate her "she probably wont need it I'll see if I have something but I don't think I do". An animal hospital with no sedation medication? I tried to insist but what could I do going somewhere else was not an option. When he was administering the shot she panicked and tried to struggle to get up! If I had not paid the extra fee to witness them doing what I paid for I am mortified to think what her experience would have been.

If you have read this entire post thank you I do realize how long it is and I hope it may help to prepare someone for what to expect and what questions to ask if they are facing this extremely hard decision. I do hope your experience is easier than mine and my dogs. I do hope you reconsider if you plan on going to the same hospital I went to.

This animal hospital info:
Siena Animal Hospital
5625 S Grand Canyon Dr.Las Vegas, NV 89148

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I think I noticed a post recently which indicated just the medicine to put down a larger dog was around $100 by itself. So a $50 fee for a home visit euthanasia seems quite low.

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indeed!!... most vets in the Los Angeles area charge a minimum of $400 to do a home euthanasia. Some charge nearly double (though that includes taking care of the pet afterwards). $50 seems beyond reasonable.. I haven't heard of a home euthanasia that cheap even when I was just an assistant 35 years ago. The house call alone is usually $200-$300 here in LA.

Where I work now we perform in hospital euthanasias (pets that are already hospitalized) for free, $90 for regular clients on an appointment basis, $150 for emergency euthanasias... but leaving the hospital with controlled drugs, often at least one assistant, the complicated employee insurance cost of traveling, gas, time spent traveling etc.... the costs really add up fast even for our best clients.

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Yesterday we had to say goodbye to our beloved dog. I called our vet who gave us 2 numbers of in home services. I am reporting this as the costs were so shocking. We decided to take our dog into the vet as the fee was $80.00 including returning his ashes. The at home service was quoted as $600.00 no return of ashes. I know this is the worsted time for any pet lover please take a moment to be sure that you are not being taken during your grief.

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