a portrait of my pup

NinapearlDecember 11, 2009

i miss simon so much, my house is so quiet now. *sigh*

i commissioned an artist to do a portrait of him and she sent me a scan of the finished artwork. she has captured his eyes SO well, when i saw this, it took my breath away! i can't wait to get it and have it framed.

here is the picture she worked from...

and here is the portrait...

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Nice work. Thanks for sharing.

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Very nice. I'm curious....who did the artwork? I would love something similar done for my dogs.

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this is the 3rd one cherie has done for me. she uses colored pencils. i sent her the picture 3 days ago. she sent me the first scan yesterday, she had just simon's head done. she finished it today. she's so very talented and a great person to work with!!

if you look through the dog gallery, on page 15 you will find my other corgi, maggie. on page 21, you will see my husky, flag. simon's portrait is on page 3. :)

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She really did capture the eyes. I would love to have a few of those portraits done if you would share with us.

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here is a picture of the other two cherie did for me.

cindy, if the link i posted didn't work for you, google pet portraits by cherie vergos and you will find her website.

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Beautiful work .. I have considered having a portrait done of my first dog, but didn't know of someone to do it.

Now I do ... thanks for sharing.

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