Feline Bladder Infection (Bloody Urine)

dwmcDecember 16, 2013

Tobey seems to have it again. Not sure it totally every went away. He IS 18. Taking him to the vet tomorrow. Oral injection is "easier", but I'm not sure either way, or either type, of antibiotic really works.
Have you had success with a particular medicine?
Does this hurt them when not treated?


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Can't recall the med, but was an Injection, almost impossible to give my cat anything via the mouth!!

Here is a link that might be useful: untreated bladder infection

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Have you had a urine CULTURE (not just a urinalysis) performed on a STERILE urine sample (one acquired by cystocentesis) to determine the present of infection and to identify the exact pathogen present? If not, you should take your cat to a vet who can and will do those procedures.

Urine that has been peed out can be contaminated with pathogens after it leaves the body, returning a false positive in a urinalysis or culture. That's why the urine should be acquired by cysto (a thin needle inserted directly into the bladder through the abdomen). A cysto will provide a sterile urine sample that will return an accurate test result.

A urinalysis can identify the presence of pathogens in the urine, but it can't identify WHICH pathogens are present. As a result, a vet can only prescribe a broad spectrum antibiotic and HOPE that it will be effective against the infectious organism(s).

A culture, OTOH, can identify both the presence of infectious organism(s) in the urine, as well as exactly WHICH organisms are present. This allows the vet to prescribe an antibiotic with known efficacy against the specific organism(s). There is no one antibiotic that kills every pathogen. You need to know exactly which pathogen is present in order to administer a targeted, effective antibiotic.


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