JC Penney Dining Chairs?

bumble_doodleApril 1, 2010

I think I may have (finally!) found some chairs for the DR at JC Penney. I'm excited, but a bit skeptical because our Penney's doesn't have any furniture on site. I would have to buy them sight unseen. Is this typical or is it just this particular store?

Do I just buy a couple just to check them out and then complete the order?

Any advice from previous Penney's purchasers?

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I think I may have answered my own question. It looks as though they could be returned to a store within a limited time period...

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Buy one (using a free shipping code) to make sure you like it. I usually receive my items in about 4 days. If it is a keeper, order the others.


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Thanks, Tuesday!

I tried to order just one but they were backordered until the end of the month. I ordered all of them because I was afraid to miss out on the sale price. I'm hoping they'll be keepers!

Thanks for the heads up on using a free shipping code. I didn't see one on the site but a quick google search and voila!

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I'm not sure if furniture qualifies for free shipping from Penneys.

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Got pics?

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I have previous JCP furniture experience. I believe you get what you pay for and I have been happy with that for my items. I would not hesitate on buying from them but I am more of a bargain shopper rather than one who focuses on high quality to last a lifetime.


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I have kitchen chairs from JCPenney. Mine are very sturdy and I like them alot (although our exchange student got some nail polish remover on one of the seats.. which took some of the paint off).

I would suggest ordering them all at the same time to make sure the paint or stain color would be from the same lot.

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Well, so much for being on back order until the end of the month. I received an email yesterday saying they've already shipped!

Catkin, here is the link to the chairs I ordered: http://www5.jcpenney.com/jcp/X6.aspx?GrpTyp=STY&ItemID=178dc1f&DeptID=70752&CatID=70840&PCatID=70752&SO=0amp;CatSel=4294953289%7cdining+chairs&Ne=4294957900+5+8+586+838+580+1019+18+904+949+833&CatTyp=RLE&Dep=FURNITURE&N=4294953289&Pcat=FURNITURE&Cat=Dining+Room&Nao=0amp;PSO=0amp;CmCatId=70752:70840

I really hope they work because the price is definitely right! I've been searching for some for a while and haven't really been able to find "the one". The chairs I ordered don't really fall into that category either, but I really need something (anything at this point) for the time being.

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I do wish you the best, but I would be very cautious ordering from JCP. In Jan. 09 we special ordered 2 chairs. They came in April and I refused delivery as both chairs were seriously flawed. I find it hard to believe they had even passed quality control from the factory. The next order came in June, and JCP sent the chairs back. The chairs were flawed again. The third and final order came in Sept 09. One chair was missing a plastic foot cap, and they were suppose to order it immediately. My DH's chair after 1 month developed 2 grooves in the seat, so I called JCP and they sent someone out to repair the chair. He said he would order the parts, and they would mail the parts to me, and then he'd repair it. By the end of Nov 09, I called JCP furniture customer service to ask about the status of my chair parts. They said they had no order for parts. I immediately said that I wanted them to take the chairs back, and return my money. Two weeks latter they took the chairs, and within 6 weeks I had received my new chairs from another company. I would be very concerned about customer service, quality control, and repair.

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I really like the chairs~~they're a very timeless style. As far as having a bad experience with JCP I haven't purchased/ordered furniture for at least 17 years. I think it's Thomasville, and their on-sale prices were better than the Thomasville store itself. I still have my Rice bed and several other pieces. Obviously it's the manufacturers quality that's going down hill, too bad.

However, IMO they have an awesome drapery selection, since i've been very happy with what i've purchased. ;o)

Here is a link that might be useful: chairs

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