GE Cafe Advantium owners - how loud is the OTR vent?

NYMKMarch 17, 2013

Hello Advantium owners!

Can you tell me how loud the OTR vent is? I listened to it in the showroom but the salesman said that because of the large space of the showroom, you could not get an accurate reading of how loud it truly was. Is it much louder that a regular vent hood? And does the noise really bother you? I know different noise levels bother different people, so I'm just curious to know everyone's opinions. Thanks.

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I have a Profile Advantium. I imagine that the vent is the same as the Cafe Advantium...just a different "skin" on the door/controls.

It's loud. I don't know how to tell you "how" loud it is, just that it's loud. It's no louder than any other OTR I've had, but they've all been loud. Too loud to easily talk over. Sorry - wish I had better news.

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Our GE Cafe makes a whirring fan sound above 400 degrees, and keeps going for a while even after you turn off the oven. It's not quiet, and we have a small space...but it's no more loud than the lowest setting on my powerful Zephyr hood to be honest. I notice it but it doesn't drive me batty ;-)

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