EasyTouch pool/spa settings

waterouzelFebruary 12, 2012

Is it possible to change the EasyTouch settings so that spa mode is the default?

By that I mean whenever the filter pump is off the valves are in spa position not pool position.



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Why not just reverse the valve actuator switches?


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you should be able to just flip the little silver switches on the actuators. but your pool and spa words will then be backwards on EZ touch..but I think you can edit the names.

tony c

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I would ask why you would want to do this.?

If you flip the switches at suggested above it will heat the pool to the spa temperature and visa versa.

If you set a program for the spa to run it would move the valves to the spa mode.

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Thanks for the help.

I want to do this because I have a spa that is five feet higher than the pool and when the pump is off with the valves in pool mode water drains from the spa back thru the partially opened spa return valve, thru the check valve and into the pool. Overnight this will empty the spa. I can't replace the check valve without a major plumbing overhaul which I would like to avoid. Are Jandy check valves repairable in place?

I was sure switching the valve actuator switches would do the trick as suggested but it doesn't--when the pump shuts down the valves return to pool mode or stay in pool mode depending on what program is run. I may experiment with changing the circuit names next.

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Usually, the 8 screws come out, the old top and flapper are remove and the new one inserted and screwed down.


PS - Remember to drain the spa first!

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