Two simple toilet flapper questions

criticalmass048November 2, 2010

1) If, when you hit the handle on the toilet, the flapper opens but fails to stay up and falls right away causing the water to stop flowing, is that a sign the flapper needs replacing, or is it a chain adjustment?

2) It's always bugged me anyway! Is there a "science" to the chain on the flapper, or is it simple trial and error? My handle rod has three holes, and of course the hook can go through any link in the chain, so how do you know where to put it without flushing the toilet a dozen times until you get it right?


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That's the flapper. Chain is fine. All the chain has to is break the seal and the flapper should stay up by itself. Hook the chain onto any hole that allows the handle-rod to pop it off its seal when you trip the lever. If the flapper is doing what it's supposed to, the rest will just happen. The flapper will stay up on its own until the tank is empty.

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The flapper may need replacing or it isn't being lifted far enough and is being sucked back down by the force of the water draining from the tank.
Using the hole on the flush rod that is closest to directly over the connection to the flapper will work best, though I've rarely noticed much difference. The chain should be just loose enough so there's no tension when the flapper is closed, and short enough so it won't get caught under the flapper when it's closing. To avoid multiple flushes, you might want to close the supply shut-off valve while making this adjustment.

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Thanks, worked like a charm!

P.S. I like how the package states the flapper has a 5-year warranty. Like in 4.5 years, I'll remember where I put the empty package and receipt so I can spend as much on postage as I did on the flapper itself.

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If your flapper has the circular holder thar attaches to the tube, and it also has the ears that ride on the two stems that protrude from the sides of the two, try cutting between the circle and the ears. Having those pieces connected while it is riding on the stems seems to keep the flapper from staying up during the flush.

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