Need help choosing Tile

JeremyLinFebruary 24, 2012

Can anyone give me some suggestions/advice on picking pool tile? I've looked through some catalogs, but I can't even narrow it down. I'm doing a greyish bullnose coping and a hydrazzo pool finish in French or hatteras grey. It's difficult to find pictures online that are helpful. Any advice or suggestions??

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My PB gave me the catalogs and ordered samples of the tiles I liked and when they came in I drove to their office and matched tiles with coping. The only help I had was my salesman because no one else could come with me. Pick 10-15 tiles, see if your PB can/will order samples (or they may already have some of them at their office) and then go and see the tile/coping in person so you know exactly what they will look like. IMO, colors never look the same in a book as they do in person. I actually ended up going with a different coping once I chose a tile because I liked the way they looked together better than my original choice. It might be a pain but well worth the effort. I did the same thing when I picked my retaining wall color and am so glad I did.

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If you can in person is the way to go. We ended up with a tile that when looking at the book we never considered but in person it was much diff.

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We were lucky that one of the tile companies was local. We had picked some out from their book and then went to look. Neilaz is right - they didn't look the same. They gave us samples to take home which made a big difference.

I believe somebody on this forum said don't try and match the interior of the pool since it will look different depending on the sun/lack of. Our PB said the same thing - go with something different. Our coping is Grand Canyon light/dark. It has a lot of maroon and pink. Our interior is going to be a medium dark blue. The tile we went with is a light very bright blue with a little light tan running through it. It blends with the coping/bond beam but will stand out from the interior (hopefully).

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Jeremy Lin,

As stated, you will be better off choosing several samples and need to see it all in person, and I also did not try to match my interior. I have blue granite ps and went with a reddish tile. It sort of pulled the flagstone coping and moss boulder waterfall colors together - see my pool build below.

With several, several tiles to choose from, the process is LINSANITY! --rim shot--

Here is a link that might be useful: my build @ TFP

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Haha. Thank you yrqrm0. Appreciate the feedback.

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