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nypoolnoviceFebruary 21, 2012

Just getting ready for year 3 three with our pool. Last year, the multiport valve on our Quad 80 started leaking.

I'm thinking about getting rid of this thing and just plumbing it direct. I've never used it. I'm afraid to backwash the filter because I initially installed it backwards and blew up $500 in filters in the first 30 seconds of operation. I still have bad dreams about our pool looking like it was full of milk. (no way I'm the only one to ever do that...).

This valve just seems like one big mess of head loss. Is there a reason that I shouldn't dump it?

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If you are willing to manually clean your Quad 80 and the location is such that getting DE or if you use it, DE substitute, on the ground by the tank doesn't present a problem, go for it.

The back washing, if the pressure is excessive like when the power of a 3 HP pump is applied in full, can explode the cartridges. Turning down the power to about 2500 or 2600 RPM on an Intelliflo solves this though, ad the volume of water is reduced to that of a normal, residential single speed pump.

The other potential is using a standard DE MPV instead of the sand filter MPV. The DE version is plumbed backwards from what the Quad series needs.

If you decide to directly plumb, get the adapter kit. Be advised though, once done, it can't be undone.

A push/pull valve can be used but you would lose the RINSE setting and the WASTE setting. The latter can be simulated by adding a three way valve to the pump exhaust and the pump discharge led via a back wash hose or directly plumbed to a storm sewer if it has the capacity. Again, order the right one. A standard DE push/pull is plumbed backwards from what you need. You would need the sand filter version.


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If it was mine I would keep it. Did the gasket fail because of your orginal hookup? Do you have a Chlorinator?

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