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auntneteDecember 8, 2009

This is my first experience with any type of indoor pet. We have an 18 month old puggle that is spoiled rotten. Barely house broken and rules our home. I know it is our fault. We have a 10 month old lab/shep mix that is the best dog you could meet. She was house trained in 2 days, great personality.

We had her about a month when I had a stroke. I have been home 24/7 with the exception of doctor visit and we have become very close. It is starting to get cold in Georgia and Saturday was my first day of being out of the house since my stroke.

She has started going to the bathroom in the house. For the past two days, she will go outside and run and play and come inside and go potty. What on earth could have happened? What should I do? She has a skin allergy and just started on oral meds last week after being on injections.

Can anyone help?

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She could be on prednisone or other steroid. If she is, they drink and pee more than usual. So which dog is doing this? The little one or the big one.

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It is the big young puppy that is doing this. The older little puggle (Keelie) has done it all the time. I can't think of the name of the meds but you are right she is drinking a LOT more. But to go out side, the door still be open and to come in and do #1 and #2 is so not like the big dog...(Josh)

The only side effect the vet mentioned was that she would be sleepy and boy that is the case for sure. Thanks so much

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If she is urinating a lot and drinking a lot, you need to call the vet and confirm that this is not a possible side effect of the medication, including the shots she had (they could have been long-acting steroids). Not only do steroids cause increased thirst and urination, they also can decrease the immune system enough to allow your dog to get a UTI. If she has not had steroids then she needs to see a vet ASAP to find out what is wrong. A dog doesn't forget house training under normal circumstances- they get medical conditions that need to be treated.

I hope you are recovering from your stroke well.

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