Kitchen Pass Through over Stove - HELP!

bevodiveMarch 21, 2013

My wife and I are planning on putting a pass through (about 4 feet wide and 3 feet high) in the wall that separates our kitchen and living room. Unfortunately the oven/stove will sit under it. I realize that it won't be a true "pass through" since an open flame prevents that. However, we would like to put a 12-inch deep granite shelf on it and create a bar that is 4 feet long with bar stools on the living room side.

The biggest problem is that our stove is 47 inches tall. That means the granite counter would be about 48 inches tall. Typical bar height seems to be 42 inches. We could lower the bottom of the pass through but then the back of the stove would be visible.

Does anyone have any experience with this type of situation? Is a 48 inch counter too high? Would it look better to have a "normal" counter height but also have the back of the stove stick up a few inches?

Any advice or pics would be great!

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Move the range somewhere else or forget about the passthru. It's dangerous and probably against code.

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Since having a cooktop located right on an island where people can sit isn't against code, and seems to have far more potential for danger, I can't imagine this situation would be against code.
At any rate, I think the stove sticking up past the counter would not look right. There are barstools that are made for that high of a bar, they are called "spectator" height, or just extra high bar stools.
Here is a pic of a stove by a pass thru.

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Having a cook top on an island with room on either side to put items or slide them to the seating side is different than a 48" wide pass through where the only access is over the stove. Whether it meets code or not, it seems like a really bad idea. I would honestly rethink the kitchen layout before buying extra high stools.

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And, as the pic above makes clear, the passthrough makes the range hood useless. Island hoods are designed differently than wall or undercabinet hoods.

Plus you can imagine what happens when a guest who can't see the stove (especially with the extra tall bar) tosses or drops something over the side, or reaches over it, while the burners are on high.

Change the layout.

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I can see someone on the non-kitchen side not realizing a stove is on the other side, and setting down items, thinking it's a staging area for cleanup. Glass that can fall and break. Paper that can fall and catch fire. Non-edibles that can fall undetected into the slow-simmering stew. I don't think it's a good idea at all.

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I agree that passing over the stove seems a bad idea, but the OP stated in his post that they would NOT be using it as a true pass through for this very reason. He is only looking to have people be able to sit there, I assume for the purpose of visiting the cook and possibly having a beverage and snack while doing so.

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I don't think it's a good idea either and who'd want to sit at a counter overlooking the range?

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You can go to a store that sells pool tables and billiard tables, where they usually also sell those extra-high spectator chairs. Try them out before you decide anything. You may be surprised at just how high they are, and how difficult for young and old to get in and out of.

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To add....a 12" surface will not provide a deep enough overhang to be comfortable (if anyone is comfortable at that sure your stools have foot rests or put in a boot rail on the back of the "peninsula"). Without a range/cooktop, you need at least 12" of clear leg/knee space for bar-height seating. So, the surface would need to be 12" + depth of wall + slight overhang usually present in these situations (usually 1" to 2").

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I think the above posters have done a very thorough job of explaining why this isn't recommended.Therefore, I'm not going to go there.

I will answer the OP's question in my best opinion. What I would do is put the wall behind the cooktop the height you need it-Hidingthe cooktop. Then I would put my granite shelf at bar height. You will have some wall above the shelf on the bar side, but that will prevent things com inadvertently slipping onto the stove. I wouldn't design it is a pass through, more a bar/window.

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