Which remodel housing for 4" Ecosmart LEDs?

Tricia21March 12, 2013

Hi All,
I keep asking a form of this question but am still unclear. I also put this on the lighting forum. We're using 4" recessed Ecosmart LED's in our kitchen. It comes with the bulb and trim but the housing is separate. Which 4" remodel housing works well? They have Halo at home depot but I read that it didn't work well with these lights. Anyone?

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I have been planning to scoot over to HD and pick up a 4" EcoSmart and Halo retrofit can for a while now. Sounds like I should get my butt in gear so I can answer your question. Watch this space...

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OK - the results are in. I went to Home Depot and bought the 4" EcoSmart LED, and the Halo H995RICAT housing (nominally "air-tight" to reduce air infiltration in top floor ceilings).

The LED fits perfectly into the housing with plenty of clearance. The LED's trim just covers the housing - you may have to trim the sealing gasket if you choose this model, or just get the non-airtight version.

For those afflicted with Title24, the EcoSmart LED can be obtained in a GU24 base version which includes a GU24 socket on a pigtail that can be connected to the wiring in the Halo housing. You can make a slightly neater job by buying a longer GU24 base pigtail from 1000bulbs and replacing the Halo housing's wiring with that (thus avoiding a splice), but that adds a few $$ to the cost.

Here is a link that might be useful: Halo H995RICAT at HD

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Link to the GU24 pigtail at 1000bulbs below. Remember: you do not need this, it just makes a neater job by eliminating a splice.

And, of course, you do not need this at all if you are not subject to CA Title 24.

Here is a link that might be useful: GU24 pigtail at 1000bulbs

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I'm not Title 24, I use these Halo cans if insulation contact is not an issue. Pretty much the same can that Caliente linked to except without the IC rating, and $4 less per can.

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This is so helpful! Thank you so much everyone. Caliente - what do you mean by trim the ceiling gasket and which is the non airtight version? And, why do they give it such poor reviews on the home depot sight as far as fitting/clips?

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The "air tight" Halo cans have a ring of thin foam tape around the rim of the can on the upper side, to make a seal between the can and the ceiling. The idea is to stop cold air leaking down around the rim. The foam tape is not perfectly applied, so it might stick out a tiny bit beyond the trim around the LED. Ten seconds with scissors will remove any excess and make a neat job. If you don't need an air-tight housing because you have another heated room above (but check local code requirements to verify), you won't have to deal with this.

As to the clips, I can see how they might be awkward until you get used to using them. My tip is to get a spare piece of drywall and cut a housing-sized hole in it so you can practice locating the housing while seeing what the clips are doing.

If you are installing the cans in a room where you have access to the ceiling from above (top floor room with attic above), then you can probably use "new construction" cans instead of the remodeling version.

Even though we will be replacing the ceiling, we still plan on using remodeling cans, because you can position them precisely after the cabinets are in place; the new construction type are fixed in place before the ceiling goes up.

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