Patching Kool Deck?

shannonannoFebruary 7, 2010

We have a 3 year old kool deck that has a few small divits and 1 crack line-it is also looking dirty and needs a new coat of paint. How and what materials should we use to ensure the integrity of the kool decking? We live in Houston and definately need it!!!

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Is it real Kool decking, or an Acrylic product.
Kool deck is not painted during the install.

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I don't know if it is true Kool Decking-I am the second owner-

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Does it look like it is painted?

A picture would tell alot.

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Call Josh or Darrin at Creative Cement Coatings in Houston (I think it's 713-937-9200) I have them on speed dial so I'm not sure. It used to be 713-996-0000 but they've moved the business to a new facility. If this was the wrong number there should be an intercept on the old phone number giving you the correct number.
Their family has been in this business for decades.

See ya,

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I hope it's okay to piggyback on this thread, as it's the same topic. I'm also not the original owner of my pool. The deck will get relatively clean with a real close pressure wash, but I'm wondering if that's taking away any coating that was keeping dirt from adhering as much, making it more porous? My wife believes that it used to be cleaner, but I'm not sure. She wonders if the pits have become deeper, making the dirt harder to get to, though I would think any eroding would be more on top, making the pits shallower? If it is dirtier, I'm wondering if it's more porous now and needs a coating?
I'll post photos after a quick pressure wash my teenager did, so not quite as close of a cleaning as can be done. If I went closer I was able to get a bit more off, but the pits seem hard to clean - have to go real close (with a 2,000 ppsi washer) and/or on an angle. Here are 2 photos of mine, if they help.
If this is or even isn't true Kool Deck, should there be a coating? If we paint, do we need it completely cleaned, even better than this?

Here is a link that might be useful: My deck photos

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