Will our cats use a litter box that has been pre-owned?

naturepersonDecember 11, 2012

I have two of the Robot autotmatic self cleaning litter boxes, and I am planning to get rid of them. I am not sure why my cats prefer the regular type, but maybe because they are conveniently located or got used to them first. Anyway, they cost quite a bit of money, so I would love to see someone use them if possible. Would your cats go for another cat's litter box?

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I don't know if a cat will use a litter box that had already been used by another cat. They may not really care. But I doubt a person would buy a used litter box, no matter how cheap it is. I had a yard sale a long time ago and tried selling an almost new box. We had filled it with litter, the cat used it once, we realized the box wasn't deep enough and the cat threw litter all over the floor, so we got a deeper one. I put a stupid little note on the box "practically new - only pooped in one time" with a smiley face - $1. A few people looked at it and laughed, but nobody bought it. I think we ended up throwing it away.

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Thank you, Navin. I do understand totally. It's too bad we couldn't try out the litter boxes first before deciding. It's hard to know what a cat might like or not like.

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I didn't think of this at the time, but somebody might buy your box. The electronic contraption that does the scooping - can you remove that and place it on a brand-new box? Maybe you can advertise the electronic part only and leave it up to the buyer to decide if they want your old box or if they are going to buy a new one. I still doubt you'll get many replies, but it doesn't hurt to try! There might even be some guy who tinkers around with things and can find a different use for it.

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