Adult dog pooping in house

timbulbDecember 20, 2006

We have a 4 or 5 year old Ridgeback X. Every couple of weeks he will poop in the same spot in the living room while we are away at work. It's always in the same spot and it doesn't seem to matter whether he went poo outside in the morning or not. Is he pi**ed of about something as my wife seems to think? Is it a territorial thing since he can look out the window and see other dogs?

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I might add, he knows he's done something wrong and I know he has pooed the minute I walk in the house because he'll cower and hide as if he's ashamed, he normally is enthusiastic when he greets us. What are we supposed to do in that case?

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I seriously doubt that he is p*&ed at you.

There could be a separation anxiety or a territory thing.

The problem is when the dog goes in the same spot, the smell is there, and it may think if that spot as the marking space.

The only way you will be able to correct it is to catch the dog in the act. If I had this problem, I would crate the dog while when you are away for a while and see what happens. Is the dog submissive? This could be a way of letting you know that you are not the alpha dog.

Good luck!


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Crating is out of the question. He broke out of three different kinds. He is usually very good in the house while we are away. He never chews stuff or anything.

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He's chewed out of a metal crate? How?

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Not chewed, broke. He is 70 pounds of pure muscle.

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Your dog might be experiencing a condition with his back. In laymans terms it is called a narrowing of the spine - where the cords are and there is pressure on the nerves, this causes your dogs brain not to get the message that he needs to go. So, first off he can not help himself. Go get your dog into the vet for a check up. Meds can help.

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I think he knows when to go. He let's us know.

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Perhaps you should consult with your vet, and/or someone who knows the breed and can put a finger on the issue. A Ridgeback rescue league in your area may be of help.

I have discovered the hard way, small things like your issue, can soon lead to large issues. It could be a health issue, or behavior one.

Good luck! Keep us posted.


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The condition I posted about is a degenerative condition, and your reply is interesting, since I wrote that this condition makes it so that your dog does not ALWAYS KNOW WHEN TO GO, since its nerve are being compromised. Your dog will get worse and worse if the condition is not addressed promptly. Yes, your dog will know when to go sometimes, but not always...the longer you wait, the worse the condition will get.

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"I think he knows when to go. He let's us know "

How can he let you know, if you aren't there?

But no, the dog is not annoyed with your wife. Dogs don't 'punish' their owners by eliminating in the house. They eliminate in the house because of medical conditions, lack of training, seperation anxiety, the odor of previous accidents (which is like putting up a sign that says 'potty here'), or because they need to go right then and it feels good. Dogs do what feels good. You need to see a vet to rule out medical problems and then address possible behavioral issues.

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I disagree,dogs are very upset when they are left alone.They dont like it and that could be why.
Try putting him somewhere like the bathroom that has no carpeting and see if he does it again.My brother-in-laws dog is very well behaved but if she sees carpet she pees on it.

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