Hand Shower on Bar

trinintybayOctober 26, 2010

I need to choose our shower systems for our new construction very soon. I am not looking in the Grohe price range but probably American Standard or Delta with no temperature control. Does anyone have only the hand shower on a bar. If I had a stationary showerhead and a hand shower than I would need to also have a diverter, correct? I would like to get a nice invigorating shower but don't need all the gadgets. Thoughts, comments, suggestions please.

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I just installed a Hansgrohe in the configuration you describe (handheld + bar, without separate shower head). Without a separate shower head, the handheld shower was connected to the water source midway up the wall (about 4" above floor level) so they could also reach below to wash their dog. They're happy with it and just hook the handheld on the bar to take a regular shower.

I think it would have been better to keep the separate head and connect the wall bar a somewhat lower, but it worked out fine. (Keep in mind: to have the handheld centered on the wall, the wall bar needs to be offset.)

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I just saw a fairly nice set-up in a walk-in shower: the valve, shower head and were on the end wall, but the wall bar was on the back wall of the shower. Clean look (not too busy), and useful. Their brand was Moen (also one to consider).

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Thanks Homebound. Hansgrohe is out of my budget but thanks for the advice about Moen and the walk in shower set up. Ours is doorless shower also.

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I installed a Delta Shower head/valve with manual temperature control and a single separate valve that is a wall mounted diverter. The diverter valve switches the water flow between the showerhead and a hand held. Works fine and was very reasonable in cost.
Below is an example of this type of valve.

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This is the part number for the valve, the link did not get to the actual valve.
Price Pfister 15-IWDX In-Wall Diverter Valve

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