Water Softener question.

jfausmithOctober 16, 2010

This might be a different twist on the water softener question. First of all I have a well. Once the water enters my house I have a clear wave water conditioner attached to the water pipe. Then the water goes into two water filters. After that the water T's off and the cold goes into the house and the rest goes to the hot-water boiler of my furnace.

What I want to do is to install a water softener after the clear wave device and the first filter. There will be a T there to split the water. One line will go to the cold water line for the house and the other line will go into the water softener before going into the hot-water boiler. That way I will not be drinking salty water but I will still have soft-water when we use hot water.

Is this a good idea or should I just run all the water into the water softener? I am just trying to eliminate the salty tasting water.

Thanks for any help you can give me towards this project.

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You should understand that devices like the Clearwave Electronic Conditioner do nothing to soften your water and little to nothing in the way of changing anything about your water so if you want to keep it place it anywhere and just forget about it.

You'll want to start off in the right direction and base your decisions based on fact so I guess the place to start is to ask you why you think soft water will be salty?

Regardless of your answer, the fact is that soft water is not salty. There is no salt added to hard water to make it soft. That is FACT

You should get a comprehensive water test done by an independent certified lab so you can KNOW what in the water needs to be treated.

You need tests for nitrates, bacteria, hardness, TDS, iron, manganese, PH, copper, chlorine, and arsenic just to start.

With those test results and knowing the # of people in the house, # of bathrooms, and if there's any appliances that use a lot of water (like a Jacuzzi) we can help you determine what equipment you need and how to size it correctly for your needs.

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Thanks justalurker. I am in the process of having my water tested. I should know the results next week. Once I know more about my water I will return and give you the results.

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Living on a well there's more of a learning curve than living on municipal water cause you have to make the water nice and SAFE.

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