Need Help with Dual Shower Setup

gride_2639October 30, 2013

Hi Everyone.. I'm looking to install a rainfall shower and a handheld shower for my bathroom.

The handyman that I've hired to do the job did not do it correctly which cause both shower to come on simultaneously when the water is turn on.

What was install is the Delta R11000 3/6 Setting Diverter Rough. Link:

What the handyman should have install is, Moen 3330 M-PACT 1/2-Inch CC Transfer Valve. link:

I was assured that with a diverter I will have the option to choose which showerhead to use. Somehow I don't buy that hence the reason why I came here for advise.

Is it true that if I purchase a shower arm diverter such as this one, link:
I will have control over which showerhead to use?

Since the tiles has been install on the wall, I would hate to tear down the wall to re-do the pipling. What would be the most cost effective way to fix this problem.

Thanks in advance.

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