Need help using Ivomec for Canada

kennethjamessmithDecember 9, 2012

I have read the posting on Ivomec usage for dogs but I am still confused. The Ivomec solution I have has per ml 10mg Ivermectin purchased to worm our sheep. What is the correct dosage for a 60lb dog? Can anyone help me?

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What are you using it for? The only thing we use it for here in the South is heartworms, and I don't think that's a problem in Canada. And what percentage is it?

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I also was going to ask what percentage solution is it? And for what ailment? I'm currently using it (Ivermax brand 1% solution) for a dog with mange. She gets 1 mL /day - she's 40 pounds.

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One site I came across calculated the 10mg/ml at .6cc for a 60 lb dog. I believe it was for a 1% solution. But....I don't know if that's the correct amount for your dog and would suggest you call your vet and ask the correct dosage for the product you're using. If you're in good standing with your vet he/she shouldn't have a problem helping you.

Also keep in mind that there are breeds, Collies and other herding dogs, that should never be given Ivermectin.

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Ann, that dose is pretty strong unless you're treating for mange. With a 1% solution, the dose for heartworm would be .01 cc per 10 lbs. A dose as high as the one you found could cause liver damage and eventually kill a dog. My vet set me straight on that one.

I think it's best to test before giving a herding dog Ivermectin. I've had 5 herding dogs, 3 Aussies, 1 Puli and 1 Corgi, all were or are on ivermectin heartworm preventives, and have never had any problems.

I'd definitely test a collie, though, and any other breed that is known to be very sensitive. The only dog I've known to die from it was a collie, and the ivermectin heartworm preventive was unfortunately prescribed by a VET, who should have known better.

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Ya, I agree and that's why I suggested they call a vet. I think many people don't understand the placement of that decimal can make a huge difference in life and death.
I thought .06 would be closer to the correct dosage, but it all depends on the strength of the Ivermectin.

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