Green Board for Shower?

trinintybayOctober 2, 2010

A floor and tile guy came out yesterday to give us an estimate on the house we are building. He said don't put green board 5 1/2 feet from the floor in both showers but use the Certainteed siding. He told us the green board would rot? Ever heard of this recommendation????

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Don't use green board use a cement based product manufactured for tile underlayment. I would ask the installer why use siding when you can use products meant for tile underlayment!! Get at least 3 estimates with details on materials used.

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Don't use greenboard in wet areas such as behind wall tile, use cement board. There are various products available.

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trinitybay - You may want to ask your question in the bathroom forum. That is where the tile pros hang out.

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Thanks. I'll X-post there.

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Thanks Alice. I did get some more information on the bathroom forum post.

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Greenboard No Longer an Approved Substrate for Tub and Shower Areas

The International Residential Code (IRC) has determined that effective January, 2006, paper-faced greenboard will no longer meet its standards as an approved tile backer substrate for wall tile in wet areas such as tub and shower areas.

IRC, Chapter 7 - Wall Covering

R702.3.8 Water-resistant gypsum backing board. Gypsum board used as the base or backer for adhesive application of ceramic tile or other required nonabsorbent finish material shall conform to ASTM C 630 or C 1178. Use of water-resistant gypsum backing board shall be permitted on ceilings where framing spacing does not exceed 12 inches (305 mm) on center for 1/2-inch-thick (13 mm) or 16 inches (406 mm) for 5/8-inch-thick (16 mm) gypsum board.

Water-resistant gypsum board shall not be installed over a vapor retarder in a shower or tub compartment. Cut or exposed edges, including those at wall intersections, shall be sealed as recommended by the manufacturer.

R702.3.8.1 Limitations. Water resistant gypsum backing board shall not be used where there will be direct exposure to water, or in areas subject to continuous high humidity.

The new requirements are:
R702.4.2 Cement, fiber-cement and glass mat gypsum backers. Cement, fiber-cement or glass mat gypsum backers in compliance with ASTM C 1288, C 1325 or C 1178 and installed in accordance with manufacturers� recommendations shall be used as backers for wall tile in tub and shower areas and wall panels in shower areas.

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