Can't seem to eliminate multiple potty breaks overnight

smig26December 1, 2009

I have a 4 month old Schnauzer that I can't seem to break of multiple potty breaks during the night.

She is in a crate while I am at work during the day and sometimes has accidents, but it is certainly not I don't understand the need to potty every two hours overnight. I take her water away at 7pm and bedtime varies between 9-10pm. We wake up at ~7am. Eliminating the water that early doesn't seem to help.

I will admit that she gets less exercise outside in the evenings now that it has turned much colder where I live, but not by much. I have also tried to increase play time inside, because of that.

What else can I try? I try to ignore her at times, but she persists and does actually "go" almost everytime I take her, so I feel as if she needs it. I'm not doing anything different than when she was younger and she seemed to go for at least 3 hour intervals then. Last night she was up at 11pm, 2am, 4am, and 5am! I am used to less sleep since adopting her, but not like that.

Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you in advance for any input!

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Small dogs cannot hold urine for a long time at 4 months. Her bladder is tiny and her bladder muscle is not well developed at 4 months. It may take up to a year on a small breed dog to stabilize the peeing. That doesn't mean that she won't be trained to pee outside, just means that she physically is not able to control the bladder well.

One of my Shih Tzus had to pee every hour during her first year. Granted, she slept during the night. She was potty trained. However, during the day she would ask every hour to pee outside. It was unnerving. My friend told me about her Pekinese doing the same thing! One year passed, she stopped the every hour potty, and Viola! She was a normal dog.

She needs to mature some. Although she should be sleeping through most of the night.

Other possibilities:

- Maybe she's being a puppy 24/7. She wants MORE playtime. Everytime she wakes, she thinks it's playtime. She wakes you up to take her outside (puppies can pee every hour, so that may be a by-product)and get some extra attention. Just a theory if nothing is wrong. Peeing in the crate if you're gone for 8-9 hours is not that abnormal. At 4 months she cannot hold it that long. She's a small breed.

Check with your Vet.
-Check to see if she has a bladder infection. Rare at this age, but they can catch bacteria off the ground outside when they sit.
- Congenital abnormality.
-Ask your Vet if you can give her something to sleep through the night. Although, I wouldn't do it. I would try to give her more time to normalize on her own.

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She is 4 months old. Letting you know she has to go at night is good.

Put on your coat and take her for a walk around the block to give her time out at night before bed. After all she is in the crate all day, gets what 3-4 hours a night out of the crate then has to go back in when you go to bed?

"Last night she was up at 11pm, 2am, 4am, and 5am!" Unless she had a stomach ache that was I AM NOT TIRED SPEND TIME WITH ME. Can you blaim her, count how many hours out of a 24 hour day she is in the crate. Schnauzers are a high energy working dog breed.

They also have a way of figuring out your weakness and will push it. Give them a chance and they will rule your home, not you. If she didn't have a tummy ache, maybe the 2am out was valid but the rest were a cry for attention.

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I agree and I think this little pup is just desperate for some attention from you and is probably sleeping a lot during the day because she's cooped up in a crate and has nothing to do, so come night time she's not even tired. I really think you need to look at this situation and see if you can change it for her. see if there is a doggy daycare near you or on your way to work where she can have some company and fun time while you're at work, or perhaps get a dog walker to come in once or twice a day and take her to the park. She must be desperately bored all day waiting for you to come home and is probably sleeping much of the day away, and then a few short hours later it's bed time.

so wide awake and happy to have you home, she wants to have some fun, walks and company and if potty breaks are the only way she can get it, then that's what she will do. At 4 months she really is just a baby and needs a lot more interaction and company, and more activity during the day so she sleeps less from boredom and then she will be ready for sleep at night.

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Is there anyone who could stop by during the day? More activity during the day really will make a big difference. When my dog (1 year old) has had a busy day, she is quieter at night and sleeps later the next morning.

It is a challenge to give your pup enough exercise when it's freezing out! I am lucky to have a friend with a high-energy dog and a fenced yard. So we don't always walk the dogs - sometimes we just let them play outside for an hour or so. Look around for someone with a puppy - seems like most people with young dogs are happy to let their dogs race around with mine - we must all be trying to wear the dogs out so they are well-behaved at home : )

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I've had a miniature schnauzer in my life for a continual thirty three years. There are dog-dogs.........and then there are schnauzers, lol. Is this your first schnauzer?

She is.......really........just a baby. Crating a dog from the get-go might be necessary in some circumstances, but it's not the most ideal way to establish life-long potty habits. I have always had a crate available for the times they are absolutely necessary, but I really am not impressed with the trend for crating dogs as a general rule. I only had one schnauzer who ever needed crated, and that was my last one.....because he got overly excited and aggressive with children. So, if kids were around when they were small ......for their safety the dog went to the crate. The pandamonium in the house was caused by the kids, so they probably should've gone in the crate instead. rofl! But, that isn't an option, is it?

Human children don't/can't control their bladder when they are very young, especially through the night, so why do you expect it of an immature dog? You should be thrilled that she asks for out. Honestly.

Also agree she has her sleep/wake time disturbed because she sleeps out of boredom in her crate. I would. Also agree going out is a pleasant and exciting time for her with good smells, fresh air and she's opportuning it.

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