Pool Renovation - Deep end raise the floor from 9' to 6'

d95sld95February 1, 2012

I am thinking about renovating an old Anthoney inground pool. I would like to raise the floor of the deep end from the current 9 feet to about 6 feet.

I am not sure if that is possible? The pluming for the main drain is almost certainly broken. I would like to have two new main drains and plumbing installed at the 6' level and just channel the pipes out through the side wall between the 6' and 9' level.

How would a builder go about accomplishing this task? Install re-bar and fill with sand and concrete?

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Crushed concrete, compacted for the floor base. Punch a hole in the shell for the new drain line. Dowel in new rebar for the floor and shoot it.


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I think Scott means crushed stone/rock. 3/4" crushed rock is easy to handle and provides a good base. Or recyled concrete that has been thru a crusher..

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The recycled concrete is exactly what is meant. 3/4 gravel is good too, if available.


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