Cover Indoor Pool with Floor?

cimbrone23February 15, 2013

We recently bought a house that has an indoor pool that we do not want to keep. The pool is in addition on the back of the house. We are getting quotes to fill the pool with gravel and cement. My father--who is a pretty smart and handy person--thinks we shouldn't fill in the pool, but instead cover it with a subfloor and put a floor on top of that. He said to put a trap door down to the pool in case we ever need to check it for water or moisture issues. He also suggested we put a dehumidifier in the pool (which is something we did in our last house in the crawl space). In theory, this sounds like a good idea to me, but I'm not so sure and wanted to see if anyone had any experience with this.

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Also, the pool has been empty for at least two years.

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Oh and one more thing, I believe the pool is mostly contained in a concrete foundation and not in the ground.

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There are probably a lot of people that would die for that setup. Can I ask why you don't want to keep the pool?

But what your father suggests sounds reasonable as long as you have a low water table. Keeping a pool empty is always risky if the water table rises and floats the pool out the ground. Just makes sure you have a working hydro-static valve in the bottom of the pool so if the water table does rise, the valve will open allowing water into the pool.

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