Rockin' around the Christmas tree

glaserberlDecember 13, 2010

Just wanted to share some pictures of Mr. Bigglesworth. He hardly ever stands still, so he is mostly on the edge. Bob who was the biggest protester seems to like him now. He follows him around and sniffs and occasionally licks Biggels head. The other two just ignore him and hiss if he comes too close. Mr. Bigglesworth has now supervised run of the house. At night he is still in my office. I don't trust the other cats completely and who knows what he could get into.

Needles to say we have hardly any ornaments on the bottom part of the tree and the tree skirt needs straightening out constantly.

Here is a link that might be useful: A few more pictures

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"Needles to say" .... what a great typo. Cute kitties too!

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LOL! Didn't check before submitting. If they keep going like this we will be needle less in a few spots.

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He is such a little doll!

I have the weakest spot for orange tabbies. My Gus was an orange tabby and he had just the nicest personality. I'm under the impression that it is the personality of many orange tabbies- laid back and sweet as can be. Mellow too. I joke with DH that someday I will move somewhere where I can have 6 orange tabbies!

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

What a cutie!! Is Bob the black cat? Is he a Bombay cat? I love orange kitties too. I had one, Rico Ratso Rizzo, Rico for short. He was the best, sweetest, laid back kitty. I had him for 19 years!! I wish you many long years of fun and happiness with this new guy and your other kitties!!

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I looked up Bombay cat and I guess we can call Bob that. But really I have no idea what he is. He found us 2 years ago. Same location as Mr. Bigglesworth. Bob was dumped I assume. He was fixed and declawed. And just wandered in one day.We tried to find his owner but nobody came forward.

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Looks like Bob has found a great playmate!

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Well, certainly their loss was your gain!! It is very kind of you to take in and care for these kitties. They are the lucky ones.

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Thanks murraysmom, tell that to DH. He was really crumbling about kitty #4. Of course he is laying on the couch now with the newest addition sound asleep on him.

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