bradford-white or ruud models matching aos gcv-50 or xgv-50

greenfingernailOctober 12, 2011

Hi All -

My DH doesn't like the sounds coming out of our AO Smith gas water heater (~12 years old) and wants to replace it - comparable model currently would be GCV-50 (base model) but on looking at other models we thought the XGV-50 (Conservationist) would give us a longer life.

But of course on visiting GW - as usual I get educated! - Bradford White seems to get the best ratings. On the other hand our plumber prefers to install RUUDs.

Is there any way to say what a comparable Bradford White OR RUUD model for the XGV-50 or GCV-50 might be?

And which ones would YOU suggest from your experience?

ANy help from this great forum would be most helpful!!

Thanks in advance!!

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Under the heading of "Any help from this great forum would be most helpful!!" and since there have been no responses, I'll offer my advice:

There are Bradford White fans who believe that the quality of the unit justifies the much higher cost of their units.

Myself, I tend to look at tank water heaters as a commodity that you simply replace in 12-15 years, period. For the most part, the $400 unit from Lowes will do that just fine.

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