too much room between vent hood and cabinets?

chinchetteMarch 8, 2013

In my design it looks like there will be 5.5" between the end of the hood and the flanking wall cabinets. Is that going to seem ridiculous? Or will it give a nice open light look? The cabinets will be 36" double door with glass.

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Can't have enough for me. I don't care for that jammed in look. But I'd check the clearance on each side and the scale of the backsplash tile if it's going there to be sure it will all work well together.

Also, I'd look at all the horizontal lines on the wall -- tops and bottoms -- to be sure there is pretty good uniformity.

~~long time chinchette~~

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"5.5" between the end of the hood and the flanking wall cabinets"

PITA to keep clean.

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I think it might depend on the hood. But 5.5" seems like a lot. Personally, I'd get a wider hood or a larger cabinet. 11" seems like a lot to give up.

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How big is the stovetop? Is the hood wider than the stovetop? If not, I agree with weedmeister, make the hood wider. I've see all over GW that it is better if the hood is wider than the stovetop. I thought the rule of thumb was 3" from vent to cabinet... but don't quote me on that.

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Its Ikea cabinets I am doing for an investment property. I already bumped up to 36 inch hood. This picture is with a 30, which would make even more space.

Another plan was with 30" lower, 15 " lower, 30 " range, 15 " lower, 30" lower. The uppers were (3) 15's on either side and it looked really cramped.

Roco, hey! My oven just reminded me of you yesterday when I made your chicken!

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I think the space looks wider in your plan photo than it will in real life. I have a 36 in wide range hood and I have 6 inches of space on each side. My hood is bulkier looking many that I see on this forum so I definitely did not want it to look jammed in. As far as cleaning goes it is absolutely not a problem. I think it might actually be easier to clean with more space. My hand fits easily between the hood and cabinetry for wiping down the tile, the cabinets or the range hood itself. My cabinets were custom made so I could have made them any size to fit the space but I just thought 6 inches on each side was a nice spacing. So here is a shot of my hood with the 6 inches of room on each side. The picture is taken at a bit of an angle so the spacing doesn't look exactly the same on each side but it is. The right side of the hood is the true perspective.

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I prefer a hood to have at least a few inches of breathing room, like Badgergirl's, than to see cabs crammed into the hood.

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Agree with the above who say to give it some breathing room. I have even more than 5.5" and had intended to forgo flanking cabinets altogether to make it even more ;-) Its easier, not harder, to clean when there's more room between stuff spattering on the stove to the surfaces it can land on.

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Thanks everyone! That solves it. The photo helps a lot. It reminds me that you are not usually viewing it from smack in front anyway, and gives me reality on on three dimensions. I do like the breathing space. At my own house we have 1.25 inches but it does depend a lot on the shape of the hood and how solid it looks.

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