autofill shut off

sdcamp5February 3, 2008

For some reason my auto fill will not shut off. we have drained the pool due to expected rain and the pool keeps filling. We have a Pentair Intellitouch pool and spa system and I cannot find the control for this. Any ideas?

thank you in advance!!

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My autofill level is set by something resembling a toilet float under a seperate lid in my pool deck - if I want to turn it off completely (ie not just change the level) I have a valve (similiar to a faucet valve) I turn off where the pool ties into the water line (for me near my sprinkler valves). I think that if you want to turn yours off you'll need to turn off the valve at your water source - not through your controller (I too have the Pentair Intellitouch set up).

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As Jennifer said the auto-fill operates mechanically via a float. You won't find anything for it in your Intellitouch programming, it's unrelated. You should have an access hatch somewhere around the perimeter of your pool that has a float inside it. Check the float and see if it's submerged. If some debris got in there it may just be hung up. Or it's possible the float developed a leak and is submerged (and therefore not shutting the water flow off). Do you know if your autofill is tied into your sprinkler system or to a hose bibb? If it's tied into a hose bibb next to your house, you can shut it off there and it'll quit filling your pool.

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thank you for your help! I am not aware of another valve to shut off the water but I did find the float. I will have to check with my pool guy about the filling issue. thank you again!

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