Cataracts in dogs

debd18December 27, 2009

Has anyone used Can C or Bright Eyes for cataracts in their dogs? If so, was the treatment successful? I'm hoping to find something that'll help without surgery, because my dog is 15 and surgery seems extreme at his age.

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Bright eyes is probably your best bet. Tho that stuff is wildly expensive. Good luck with whatever you choose and please repost to let the rest of us know what you have experienced and how well the product worked for your pet.

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Cataracts are not inherently painful, and most dogs do quite well without vision in one or both eyes, so long as you protect him from falling down stairs and don't move the furniture around.

Is it an old age cataract or is there some underlying disease like diabetes?

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I think this is just an old age thing. He has always been pretty healthy and even now is very spry and has a glossy coat and plenty of energy. His only problems are being hard of hearing and the cataract. That's why I hope to find him some help, because he could live another couple of years and I want them to be as pleasant as possible.

I don't mind paying for the medicine if it has a chance of helping. I just don't want to fall for a scam and hoped someone here had tried one of these medications.

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I have not tried the medicine, but the Bright Eyes web sight is VERY impressive. They listed clinical trials, their work on humans as well as animals and testimonials, if you need more I would suggest you ask to talk with some of those clients who have used their product. Contact Bright Eyes through their web sight.

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Thanks, mazer. I'll take a look.

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