White Traditional Galley Kitchen (Lots of Pics)

runninginplaceMarch 16, 2011

Since I'm taking my own mini-staycation this week during our school's spring break, decided to finally upload some pictures of our remodel. The project started at the beginning of September 2010, and was basically done just before Thanksgiving. My kitchen still had the original 1950 layout, cabinets, sink, counters and backsplash. I didn't change the layout at all but with the help of GW managed to create a room that is much more user-friendly and has enormously more storage. So, here are the before and after photos. As will quickly become clear I am not a very good photographer nor stager, but hopefully at least these will show some of the very major changes to this room:

Sink wall before:

Sink wall after:

Stove and Refrigerator wall before:

Stove and refrigerator wall after:

Hallway storage area before:

Hallway pantry after:

Microwave and tv area before:

Microwave area after:

Refrigerator before:

Refrigerator after:

Hidden storage idea gleaned from GW:

Original tile countertop before:

Wine River granite countertop atop new dishwasher after:

Sink before:

Detail of original uncleanable grout around sink before:

Raw and unedited view of single bowl sink after, complete with actual kitchen sponge and debris on patio:

Ceiling with fab '80s fan before:

Ceiling with new can lights and Rejuvenation fixture after:

Just to make life interesting, view of plumbing pipes originally placed through the MIDDLE of lower cabinetry(!) before--pipe is the white item just below shelf:

Plumbing rerouted normally after:

And last but not least...what happens when you decide that since you have a couple of hundred bucks worth of granite left you might as well use it. $3500 later you get that outdoor kitchen counter/drawers and sink you didn't know you wanted:



Cabinets: Executive Cabinetry, Traditional style, maple factory painted Super White

Countertop: Wine River granite, polished with ogee edge

Refrigerator: Jennair 42" side by side integrated

Stove: GE Profile

Microwave: GE Profile

Dishwasher: Bosch integrated

Sink: Kohler Bakersfield undermount

Faucet: Kohler Revival series

Knobs/pulls: Top Knobs

Lighting: 6" can lights with 60-watt spotlights in ceiling, Rejuvenation fixture above sink, undercabinet flourescent lighting

Paint: Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments, mixed at 50%, matches rest of house

Flooring: Armstrong engineered red oak, matches rest of house


Cabinets by Crystal: the toekick is on clips so it can be removed for cleaning floor of patio

Countertop: Wine river granite, polished and with standard edge

Sink: Swanstone bar sink

Faucet: Price Pfister one handled bar sink

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Wow, your kitchen is gorgeous! What a beautiful transformation.

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Fori is not pleased

Beautifully done!

I think your old kitchen certainly did its job and deserved to be retired. Way worn out!

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Wow! Gorgeous transformation! That before sink area - Eek! Love the handles you chose, and that broom/cleaning pullout is fantastic! Great job!

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Congrats to you on your new kitchen with all that additional storage!

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you must feel like you're living in a dream now! wow... that must have been a difficult kitchen to live with before the remodel!

just beautiful. congratulations! :)

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Absolutely stunning! And you really are a great photographer! I was definitely able to get the pre- and post- versions of your kitchen!

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Love the transformation!!

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Wow - totally amazing! I'd love to know how you like the Bosch integrated d/w...I'm thinking about that one for my re-do.

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Beautiful job and I love the granite, have to check that stone out for my new kitchen. I never heard of that one. Also, love the handles and pulls on the cabinets and appliances. Was the one on the refrigerator the same company?

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Simply lovely in every sense! I can see all the "GW-ness" of it, and hope mine comes out as beautiful!

I love your choice of pulls and knobs...can you share or maybe you did! I am going back to steal another peek and see!

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To go from that to THIS is quite a change! Great classic style. Better function. Pretty stone. I love your bonus outdoor space!

Enjoy all your hard work, and thanks for sharing!

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Thanks so much for all the kind comments! I still can't quite believe I actually HAVE this beautiful and functional kitchen.

I wanted to show my before/after because it really is such an incredible difference. When we moved into this house 20 years ago there seemed so many other priorities that the kitchen could wait. To my everlasting chagrin, it did indeed wait...for 2 decades! If I have any advice to people about remodels, it is: do it early, instead of waiting. I really regret making do with that fugly and less than functional kitchen for so long.

To answer the questions asked:

I love the dishwasher, but then again the bar was set pretty low since I hadn't had one at all. The Bosch works great, is quiet and I do like having it integrated. As you can see because the kitchen is such a small galley, having as much uninterrupted line makes a difference.

All the pulls and knobs came from Top Knobs. The ones on the drawers are from the Edwardian collection. Unfortunately there wasn't a refrigerator pull available; although the people at pullsdirect kept checking the availability date also kept moving backward. By the time everything else in the kitchen was done, the thought of waiting another month or more to open the fridge was just not bearable. So I bought something simple in the same antique pewter finish. I guess eventually I could match but I probably won't.

Again, thank you to everyone for taking the time to be so kind and generous. This truly is an amazing online neighborhood.


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Really, really nice change for you. I am a fan of white kitchens. Your cabinets and granite are beautiful together. I imagine you are having a great vacation just being with your kitchen. It has been almost a year for mine and I still love walking in to it. Great looking kitchen - enjoy it.

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Really handsome kitchen, runninginplace. I like the Revival faucet, too.

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OH, you must be sooooo happy--it is so beautiful! The before and afters of your counters and sink area are especially striking! And to get that great outdoor set-up as well? Way to go!

Congratulations and happy cooking!

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Your old one was kinda cute - from a distance, lol.
Your new kitchen is lovely and seems to be so much more functional and balanced.
Very pretty!

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What a beautiful and happy space, and so much new storage! Enjoy!

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I love it all! You made beautiful choices. It's beautiful and functional. Excellent job!!

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Oh it's beautiful, and you deserve it for living with that grout (I'm familiar with that grout, myself!). Love the patio fixtures!!

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I love this kitchen. We too, did a white galley kitchen and everytime I walk in I love it more.
The hooks on the bottom of your pull-out storage - is that for brooms/mops? We did the same thing and it is the best use of an extra 7" ever.
What a difference - so bright, so cheery,so perfect!

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so beautiful and bright! Congrats on your new dreamy kitchen!

I have your same granite; you're the first person I've matched! LOL I've had it for a few months, and I still pet it and smile daily.

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Noellabelle, wine river does seem to be a fairly un-utilized stone. I liked it because it was quiet which fit the serene vibe I wanted, but it had enough movement to be a bit interesting next to all the white of the cabinets and backsplash.

And yes, the hooks on the bottom of the pullout storage area should be mounted for brooms, dustpans, etc. Just haven't gotten to it yet. That corner of the kitchen really bedevilled me. There was a bizarre little niche there, with about a 6" unusable stretch that the contractor originally wanted to drywall in to form a solid wall. With such limited storage space anyway, it was killing me to give it up. And then...I happened to see some photos here of a broom closet hack from I believe an IKEA project. I asked the contractor, he found something in the cabinetry catalog and voila, more storage. It's one feature that always impresses people when I give them a tour of the new space.

And, finally, I have to explain why I included those truly gross pictures of the old countertop and grout. People who didn't have to actually use my kitchen would occasionally comment that it was so 'retro' and charming. What they diddn't see was the constant aggravation of trying to keep the grout and tiles clean and sanitary. The stuff was so old, much of it had cracked and worn away. No matter how I scrubbed and cleaned it would quickly go back to being grimy. And, reader, I drew the line at regrouting 60 year old tile! Anyway, I don't want people thinking I raised my family in an untended petri dish kitchen environment. I fought the good fight, until I happily watched that sad old tile get carted out the door in the workmen's buckets.

And as so many folks have commented, yes I still walk in or glance around every single day and marvel at how pretty and clean and functional this kitchen is!

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beautiful! tons and tons of storage! woo-hoo!

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It's lovely! What a stunning granite. And I love your hardware choices!!

I hope you enjoy your new outdoor utility area - it sure is a beautiful surprise!

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What a nice new kitchen! Yes, your minor-change really was a major-change!!!

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Wow - what a transformation! Great pics.

Can you tell me the dimensions of your utility pull-out (the one holding your cleaning supplies). I'll have a space like that & I love what you did. Thanks! :)

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I have to comment on your "I'm not a really good photographer" comment, I really enjoyed your great before and after pictures to see the transformation one area at a time. (I wish I would have thought to do these kinds of before photos in more detail in our renovation!)

Thanks for putting together a fun reveal for all of us to see & congratulations on finally getting your new kitchen-enjoy!

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I am also interested in the size of your pull out :-) How wide and tall is it?

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Whoa...you have a gorgeous space now !! Just think if you had done the kitchen 20 years ago you would be doing it AGAIN now ! LOL . You deserve this one for sure and I love the outdoor kitchen too. c

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Wondering about your ventilation issue with the Jenn-air. I know you had some issues with fit and the fully integrated look....how did it all resolve itself? I am considering this refrigerator and wondering if you would buy it still after all that you went through?

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Wow, I'm not seeing ANYTHING minor about this renovation. Love, love, love your paneled fridge and DW. And your white cabinets. And your granite. And your hall area, with all of that storage. It looks great.

    Bookmark   February 21, 2013 at 12:21PM
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