Reliable RO water filtration system

Edy123October 17, 2012


I am evaluating a Reverse Osmosis water filtration system for my kitchen; primary goal is to filter lead and extra sodium added by water softener.

Felt RO system of Kinetico is overpriced and there are much cheaper options in the market. Wanted to know which RO system I should consider. Any thoughts?

On a different note, I am planning for a Kinetico water softening system 2030S with addition of chlorine filter. Will the Chlorine filter be an overkill if I have RO?

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When looking for an RO, look for one that uses standard filters. Proprietary = way more money every time you have to replace the filters. The RO filter itself can last many years on softened water, but the pre and post filters should be replaced every six months.

If you have chlorine in your water, removing it is a good thing for your RO filter - it will last longer. Chlorine can attack the filter membrane.

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Let me backpedal just a titch on that last comment (long day, little sleep). Your RO system should have a prefilter that is GAC - that prefilter will remove chlorine. If your chlorine levels are excessively high (if you live close to the water treatment plant, for instance) then you may have to replace the prefilter more often to provide protection for your membrane.

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