Water meter for lawn?

pbx2_gwOctober 29, 2012

After speaking to our new next door neighbors about their water bill being reduced after installing a 2nd water meter for their lawn watering...

Now - we are interested in one also for our new build.


1) How much is a dedicated meter for the sprinklers?

2) For new build, does it cost any more for the plumber to install?

3) Does a second meter cover just the lawn sprinklers or the outside hose bibs also?

Thanks for any insights.

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I was able to purchase a used water meter for $35 from our utility company about 10 years ago. We have it hooked onto the primary source of water for our yard -- we have a spigot in the front that is not covered. We installed it ourselves, it was a simple installation.

We get a deduction in the sewer fee only. It has saved us quite a bit over the years, but less so now that we have a gravity fed rain barrel watering system for the garden.

So much will depend on how your utility handles the system. I'm in Maine so our water costs are low.

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