Solar pool covers

Mark75501February 26, 2012

Good friends of mine are looking at buying a solar pool cover for their 24x40 foot pool. Options are the one piece plastic cover, which they have been told to cut into 3 pieces to make it easier to handle, or buying 8 of the disc shaped plastic covers and placing them around the pool. They are leaning toward buying the one piece cover, cutting it into thirds, and then just dragging sections out of the pool when they want to swim.

Any thoughts? Are these covers effective? Pool is located in Southern California. Thanks!!!

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Yes they do help and yes they are a pain to take on and off..I have not heard good things about the discs. Have they looked at a solar reel? (see link below). Do they have a heater and are they using it? If so then the solar cover would save them heating costs and pay for itself.If they have water features or there returns are breaking the water surface they are dissipating water which causes the pool to be cooler. So the first thing is to adjust the returns or jets in the pool or reduce usage of the water features.

Here is a link that might be useful: solar reel

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I will give you the same answer I did over at Poolforum.

"It sounds like it might be high flow rate noise to me as well. Most likely in the pump itself. Can you describe your equipment and plumbing? Pump size/model, plumbing sizes, lengths, numbers of runs to and from the pad, etc."

But if you don't respond to questions, then no one can help.

Here is a link that might be useful: Poolforum Post

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Ignore my last post. It seems to have been posted to the wrong thread.

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If the pool is a really free form, your choices are the disks, which are better than nothing, a liquid fed system which disperses when the surface is disrupted slightly but reforms, or nothing at all. If the sides are straight, using one or two covers may be your solution. The two cover solution is best for dog legged and "L" shaped pools. The single cover is best for straight sided pools, such as rectangles, Grecian, or Roman shapes.

The idea of a solar cover is not to heat a pool but rather keep the evaporation at a minimum. This is the #1 loss of heat for a pool, be it day or night.


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