Glass tile repair

mudnFebruary 4, 2013

I have glass tile around my raised spa that my pool builder is going to pay to have replaced. I expect the work to begin in a week or two. The original tile was not installed correctly and so water, effervescence, maybe movement though there are not cracks evident, has cause the tiles to crack.

I'm having a different guy do the install and he warned me that the demolition will be messy and of course I'll have glass shards in the pool that will need to be cleaned.

Is it ok to have these glass shards cleaned up by my PV3 in floor cleaning system? I also plan on manually vacumming everyday when the work is going on. Will this harm any of my plumbing, etc? I do suspect it may trash my filter elements and so those will probably need to be replaced.


Here is a link that might be useful: My pool build

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Make sure your installer waterproofs the Shotcrete properly. Your glass tile could have cracked due to no mastic joint in the grout joints. You want to make sure that the proper mastic gets put in to the joints between the coping and tile and then every 8 feet around the spa. This allows the tile and coping to expand and contract with the temperature changes and will help with the cracking. Also your brown coat for the tile must set at least a minimum of a week before applying the tile.
Hope this helps.

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