Is joint compound down drain w/septic a no-no?

MoOctober 28, 2010

I'm having some remodeling done and have a septic tank. The GC has been washing the joint compound off his tools and trough in my sink. I know of all the usual things I'm not supposed to put down the drain, but what about joint compound? Will it stay in the tank until it's pumped, or can it get into the drainfield? I want to say something to him ASAP if he needs to stop.

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Not a big deal, only thing that goes into the drain field is the grey water, no solids.

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Tell him to wash it off using a garden hose in the yard.

It is just adding solids to the septic tank, and for drywall compound some portion will likely make it past the tank and into the leach field.

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I work in a part of California with very strict laws about what you can wash down the sewer and what you can put down the storm drain. The best thing to do when cleaning tools is to scrape as much as possible into the trash and wash the tools off into the grass (or softscape as they call it.) Washing onto the street, sidewalk, or driveway is illegal unless you completely block the storm drains and vacuum up the water. But washing into the grass is considered OK. As long the grass and soils can absorb the water, they will filter out almost everything before it makes it to the storm drain.

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On occasion, I wash tools in a bucket, them make a hole somewhere in the yard (like in a mulch bed), them pour the waste water into the hole, then recover with the mulch or dirt. Good as new.

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