Embracing the white appliances?

mpagmomMarch 15, 2013

I recently posted about how to update my house for a quick sale, and I really appreciate the input from everyone. I would love some input on one particular issue. I don't want to get into whether or not I should do any of this, just opinions on what would look nice.

The countertop is going to be replaced with steel grey granite, so it won't look much different (don't ask). The sink will be replaced with stainless steel and a nice new faucet will be installed. We will try to save the backsplash, but I want a backup plan in case it doesn't work out. Assuming the white appliances stay, would a predominately white tile help tie everything together better? I saw a calacatta-marblish ceramic tile recently that is mostly white with some soft gray streaks and a bit of brown streaks (similar to the cabinet color).

Here are the pictures, and thanks for your help!

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And here's another one.

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I think the Calacatta tile would look lovely with the dark countertops. I'm especially fond of marble backsplashes, so I'm predisposed to like that look.

I'm not in real estate, so I don't now how people look at things now. If you believe HGTV, nobody will buy if there's not SS appliances. My personal opinion is that white has always been a viable choice and always will be. I like white and would put it in again, except that DH really wants SS. I don't hate it, and I think it will look good in our kitchen, so that's what we're doing. Your appliances look like they are in good shape, relatively new, and I'm sure they would not dissuade me from buying the house. If I were looking at two homes and one required that I replace the countertop and backsplash and the other needed appliances, I'd choose the one needing appliances (everything else being equal). I would figure I could gradualy buy and replace the appliances, but redoing the countertop and backsplash would be a major investment of time and money.

Just want to add, I think your kitchen is lovely as it is and I don't see anything about it that would make me hold off making an offer. I do, however, understand that sometimes it's worth making some changes to get the house sold faster.

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The problem with a new backsplash is that the tastes run very differently. You may replace it, and someone else will hate it, not to mention that replacing backsplash is a huge pain. If it gets slightly damaged, is there a way to somehow just fix the bottom row of tiles?
Also, I thought you said at one point that some of the appliances were not working properly (the range) or are older? That will be something that comes up at inspection for sure. Still think to go for SS appliances.

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Thanks, sail-away. We are trying to make it absolutely move-in ready because a lot of buyers are military and don't make any changes.

Thanks for your input, nosoccermom. We are SOOO back and forth on the appliances, and we are just trying to save $1200 or so. The range and microhood will be replaced. The range passed inspection in July but I've used it a several times (to get the smell of fresh baked cookies in the air) and the display isn't consistently working now. I would have to disclose that to potential buyers. The range and microhood aren't quite white (why???) so they will both be replaced. One concern about the tile is that the microhood is tiled around with diagonal pieces. I'm not sure it will work out with a new one, but perhaps it will if we stick with the same brand. I know what you mean about different tastes in backsplashes.

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The biggest thing to make the white appliances blend is to paint the cabinets white. Then the appliances will blend into the cabinets. However I think your cabinets would look nice gel stained, the cabinets themselves are nice. Maybe just a bit orange-toned.

I would leave the backsplash alone it looks fine!

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I know that you've been going back and forth with SS or not; but honestly, if you're replacing the range and the microwave, I'd bite the bullet and go for SS. Your ceilings are 9", so you're probably competing with new builds. What do they have? People associate SS with more upscale and gourmet kitchen (especially in the not-top price range).
Or could you get a SS panel for the dishwasher?

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I don't think the cabinets look quite so orange in real life. We won't be changing them, and we will try to save the backsplash. I am making a plan just in case...

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Without getting into trying to understand buyers, I will say that I really, really like white appliances and I think the white ones look nice with your cabinets. I also think the backsplash looks good but that a white-ish splash would likely create a nice effect with white appliances. As it is, you have layers of tan with the walls, cabs, and splash, which is a subtle and comforting look...if you had a white splash, it could be a little more jarring to the eye than what you have now. Something to think about. Maybe mock it in a Photoshop type software to get the effect.

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If a large portion of your potential buying pool is military, then you need to bite the bullet and put in the stainless steel appliances. A lot of the newer military housing features granite countertops and stainless steel appliances in officer housing. Military housing is now managed by contractors, so there's incentive to attract and keep people there. Also, most military buyers are relatively young, and I can assure you that stainless steel is what younger buyers want.

We live in a military town. My husband is retired military, and our son is currently active duty. I also have a daughter and daughter-in-law in their late 20's, both military wives. :)

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I like white appliances. I like your kitchen. I like the white appliances in your kitchen. If you do stick with white, would you consider a white sink to make it look more cohesive with the white appliances? Maybe a single bowl would help help it look a bit more up-to-date. There are some at the big box stores for just a little more $ than the stainless sinks. If you're committed to your granite choice, the backsplash you're describing would help tie the appliances, cabinets, and counter together and make it all look very intentional, rather than like a piecemeal update.

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What to do, what to do...

Nosoccermom, I appreciate the input. I don't think our DW would accept a panel, but I will look. I'm sure the new construction has stainless.

Mermanmike, I've thought about photoshop and the jarring white. I think SS appliances with what we have would be a much more neutral look.

Brede, thanks for the military perspective.

TheRedHouse, I have thought about a white sink because I found a relatively inexpensive white silgranit with an offset drain. An offset drain would work better than a center one with our plumbing. I can't do it, though, because they would be stuck with it forever. I am looking for a single bowl, though, and I want to make sure it is OK quality. Thanks for the nice words about the kitchen. Most of it was like that when I got there, but it's OK. I'm not committed to the granite choice - I can still change to anything in the same price group.

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i have to say that I personally also prefer white appliances, except perhaps, as a range.
However, I also have to tell you that people, especially younger people, appreciate a SS cheaper appliance more than a white Miele or Liebherr because that's what they see on Househunter and whatever shows.
If you are potentially competing with new builds, use it to your advantage that you already have blinds, window hardware, mature landscaping, as well as some non-builder upgrades (nice faucet and lighting) included. Seriously, don't spend your money on a Silgranit sink (most people don't know what it is).
If the difference between white or SS appliances is about 1200, I'd say to go for it. It will also blend much better with your cabinets and backsplash.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen for resale

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I wasn't planning to buy a silgranit sink, but one did come up when I was looking for an offset drain. It cost about the same as the granite fabricator's standard sink and I thought it could save me some in plumbing. I have to look at the space again to see what sink and drain position will work in there. I do want a decent sink, though, because they will never be able to replace it.

Thanks for the link to the article - it was interesting. Our real estate agent didn't think stainless was the highest priority to potential buyers of our house. The typical buyer in our neighborhood is probably over 35 with 2+ kids and are moving because they are growing out of their old house. They may not even want stainless because they've heard about fingerprints. For that matter, they are afraid of having to seal the granite, but they're still impressed by it. We are not a worldly bunch here!

Nevertheless, I was just talking to my husband about it tonight and for now we are back to stainless with the hope that we can get a little money out of our refrigerator and dishwasher to offset the cost. I know it would look better in there. One of the reasons I hesitated to replace the refirgerator is that they had a horrible time getting it in there. I think we can get it out while the countertops are off and I will make sure the new granite overhang on the peninsula is a bit smaller.

And I agree with you about a white range. That's what got me started thinking about stainless in the first place. There is just no comparison between an inexpensive white range and an inexpensive ss range.

So, assuming we can keep the backsplash and the counters look about the same, just shinier, and the appliances turn ss with black accents - are we good to go? Should I swap out the knobs? They match all the lighting in the house, but I could try something else. After the other stuff is in I can try the ss-looking Ikea knobs I have in my basement kitchenette and see how they look.

I guess the answer to my original question "embracing the white appliances?" is "not so much!" Thanks again for helping me figure this out!

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I would check with the agent and see what he says about mixed appliances. Since your kitchen looks pretty divided in what you see, could you just do the stove and over the range MW in ss.

Is that stove a Jenn-air? If so the dimming on the display is just a capacitor on the circuit board that has gone bad. I found info on it online about 5 years ago when I sold my house and had a non functioning display. Also if that is the stove then it is likely around 13 years plus or minus a few years.

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OK then, put in SS appliances and the granite and you're done!

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Hey, I think that 35 IS a youngish buyer. To answer your question about the embrace the white- I would not do a backsplash that tries to tie in the white. The pictures of the other houses on your prior thread did not do that. It will look more busy if you try and put white on the backsplash.

I think what the other houses had that you don't, is the white matched with the white. The handles matched. And the sink.

If you have to loose the backsplash, I would do something the least expensive such as repair the sheetrock and paint it.

I know this is hard to figure out, because you can't get in the mind of all the buyers. There is always that possibility that your previous buyer was just fickle and wormed his way out. Come spring, you will sell this house!

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1. Just get all SS appliances, maybe a slightly narrower fridge than the French door, so that getting it in and out isn't too big a problem;
2. Get the darker granite (can you get one like HD advertise that never needs sealing?)
3. New single bowl SS sink and faucet
4. Keep your fingers crossed that the BS doesn't get damaged. If it does, can you just get a small strip of tile molding that matches the existing tiles? (Someone posted a suggestion, maybe in the other thread)
5. Done

You could try the SS door hardware, but I think the black looks nice with the light fixture and darker counters.

Then advertise your kitchen as a chef's dream, with brand new SS appliances, granite, designer touches throughout.

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Lyfia, my agent specifically said appliances had to be the same color (stainless wasn't absolutely necessary). Thanks for the tip about the display! Mine is a 13-yr-old GE, but I'm sure it's the same problem and if I can fix it I can possibly get more for it on craigslist.

Chinchette, I hope you're right about spring! Sales have been OK through the winter in our area, but spring is always better. And "young" keeps getting older as I age!

Thanks for sticking with this, nosoccermom. I remembered my other concern about the backsplash - it is cut around the peninsula. I just hope there is some leftover tile in the basement or I can find it at a local store. Bee suggested the small strip of molding, so I will follow up with her if that's necessary.

I ordered the SS appliances and granite last week, knowing I could cancel them. The granite is the HD with a long-lasting sealer, but who worries much about dark gray staining? I still have to order the sink and faucet, but I think I know what I want. I just have to look at the plumbing again.

How does this faucet look (without the plate of course)? It sure looks great with that marble, and it is $125. Still looking though. It would rise quite a bit above the peninsula.

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