A funny story, cat with gas.........

wertach zone 7-B SCDecember 29, 2012

I have 2 cats a male and a female. They go in and out constantly so sometimes I can't remember who is in and who is out.

This morning I was working at the PC and every once in a while I smelled a really bad odor. I looked around and the female was in her bed 15 foot away. I didn't see the male cat and thought to myself he must be outside.

I got up and looked around, opened cabinets and stuff, nothing. I had a little gas myself so I started to think maybe its me and I don't feel it passing? But it smelled so bad that I thought that if it was me I might have a serious problem and need to see a DR.!

I looked under my desk, nothing there and no smell. Went outside and called the cat, he didn't come. I figured he was hunting. I sat back down and eww again. This went on for at least 2 hours.

Finally I felt something rubbing my leg and thought it was my female. Then the odor came back! I looked down and it was my male cat, he must have been asleep behind the drawers of the desk! LOL

His name is Squeaky because he doesn't Meow He squeaks, I might change his name to Stinky after today!

He gets gas often!

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One of my cats has the smelliest poop on the planet. When he uses the litter box it gets scooped RIGHT NOW.

I've had other cats whose poop was practically odorless. Yet another cat mystery.

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I've had many cats over the years. I think the food they eat makes poop stink. My vet recommended no dry food, it's hard for cats to chew and they swallow it whole,leading to intestinal problems. I feed only canned "gravy" food (Fancy Feast) and find my cats have practically odorless poop. This started when I had an older cat sick with renal failure. The only food she would eat was Fancy Feasts. Of course her companion cat wanted FF too. So I've been feeding only FF for years.

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I had a cat that had the nastiest smelling poop- came from the shelter that way. They were treating him with a bunch of stuff probably, dewormer, antibiotics and stuff which can mess up the intestinal tract. Poor guy would actually look frantic in the litter box as he's trying to bury it - he'd go on and on with the digging and burying until I would say to him "enough Orange." He'd look up at me as if embarassed that such a smelly thing came from him. Some probiotics/enzymes in his food cleared it up and he is now stink free!

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What kind of probiotics/enzymes? Did you use a special pet product, or a human product?

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My cat had bad breath, bad gas and runny/smelly poop when I adopted him from a shelter. After taking care of all parasites and everything else and getting him on high quality food for an extended period the vet suggested probiotics. The probiotics cleared up the breath and gas completely though if I stop giving it to him it returns (and this is a couple years later).

Probiotics didn't help the poop problem however. Vet finally said try a different kind of food which I did and that cured the poop problem.

He is now entirely odor free as long as he gets the probiotics every few days. I use FortiFlora by Purina. I buy it from Amazon since it's less expensive than purchasing locally. I'm sure there are less expensive brands but since everything is working so well I don't feel like experimenting.

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