do you water shotcrete?

meldermanFebruary 18, 2011

Just had it shot yesterday.

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Yes. Once its shot, its the same.


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My PB says no, doesn't need it.

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I've asked my PB twice, and he says no. And he is warrantying the shell against cracks for 5 years, so he has plenty of incentive to say yes if it would help.

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I was told to water once a day for five days by the pool builder.

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It is not a must in every situation. However, if you water any crete product it will help with the cure process (Hydration). If we are talking about the shell of a gunite pool remember plaster is to come. So you can have cracks that will be covered by plaster(hence the answer no water needed). The first 72 hours are most critical and should be kept damp. This will help prevent shrinkage and cracking. I water my crete no mater what kind I am useing. once a day for five days is a good general answer.

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Perhaps we don't need to water because we have such high humidity here in Florida.

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We just had our pool done with shotcrete on wednesday. i would like to ask about the rule of watering and how much and how long please. i also would like to know how important it is if we miss saturday?

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I would also like to know the answer. I may be leaving to go out of town two days after it is shot.

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We had our pool shotcrete last year...I watered that thing everyday! It's really a curve situation...just throwing out numbers for example, not actual numbers....50% of the cement cures in the first 24 hours, 30% in the next 20% in the next and so literally can take a week for it to cure while the bulk of it is cured in the first 2 days, it helps and does not hurt it if you keep it moistened to avoid dry spots. Will it damage your pool if you do not? Maybe not, but if it helps, why risk it?

My pool builder explained the process and said if it was his pool he would keep it wet, but many pool builders (especially high volume ones) just won't take the time..sometimes your substrate may have enough moisture it is pulling in from the soil but still I err on caution most the time! :)

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Concrete will cure to what is known as full cure in about 29 days.(99%) But it will continue to cure for..... well ever

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