Westhampton, NY area. Enlarge pool or build a new one?

mike9186February 12, 2012

I am exploring options for either expanding our existing freeform gunite pool (approx 15x25) or building a new 22x40 in the area where our tennis court currently sits and then filling in the old one. We do not really use the tennis court and it takes up most of the back yard and it actually gets more sun than the current pool.

I'd like to know if it is even feasible to enlarge an exisiting gunite pool and if it is cost effective to do so. The reason for expansion is that we use the pool multiple times a day in the summer and with more than 3-4 people it feels crowded. Also there is no option for working out in the pool because it is so short.

If we do build a new pool I am interested in simplicity and like the pools with a narrow bluestone surround that is almost at grass level.

I'd love to hear some recommendations for builders in the Westhampton area.


Mike B

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