Sump Pump - Newbie Question

bestbyOctober 20, 2009

Hi All,

This is my first post here, so please forgive the newbie question (I also looked around and didn't see the answer in the forums already).

I have a sump pump with two plugs. One plug goes into the wall and the other goes into the back of that plug. When I plug both plugs into separate outlets, the sump pump works. When I plug the one plug into the back of the other plug, it doesn't work.

Any ideas, or words of wisdom?



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Is your question due to a problem or curiosity? Just in case, I'll assume you want it to pump water but it won't.

The first plug is for the float switch. It will activate the pump when the sump fills to the set level to energize the pump. If your sump is full of water and the switch doesn't activate the pump, it is either not functioning or, it needs to be adjusted.

Don't reach down into the sump and lift up on the switch (if it's the submersible type). Take a stick and lift up on the float. If it activates the pump, then it would just need adjustment. Otherwise, you will need to replace the float switch. Sometimes you can shake it and it will resume working. However, it might stick again when you need it most. They're cheap enough to replace for reliability sake.

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I agree a new switch is recommended if there is any chance of a problem with the existing. Once you remove the pump from the pit, the switch should be attached to the top of the pump and should be relatively easy to remove.

If your basement is finished you may want to look at a NexPump Ai System. It is an awsome failsafe primary and backup sump pump system.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Inteligent Sump Pump

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Excuse my ignorance, but it sounds like a bad piggyback plug. I have the same problem.

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