Mini Reveal of Site Painted Barker Cabinets

grlwprlsMarch 6, 2013

Are y'all getting sick of these "mini reveals"? Anyway, suffice to say that the Kobe chimney vent hood isn't in and yes, I'll have to move my John Besh autograph when it's installed tomorrow.

As you know, we have site painted Barker Cabinets (BM Vellum). Slab drawers, basic shaker doors. I was trying to re-establish a vintage vibe in my 1920's Little Rock cottage.

This is the run with the prep sink and the range. The prep sink used to be the main sink but I found the lack of space to the left of the sink *disturbing*. As a prep sink, it's great. Umm, it has no doors because we site modified the sink cabinet to 20 7/8" to make up for a math boo-boo (or an uneven wall...since it was my boo-boo, I vote for crooked wall). The navy blue striped linen skirt is growing on me though.

For everyone that has considered Barker Cabinets, the only fiddle-dee-dee part of the construction is lining up the drawer fronts. That might be because mine are slab, but I found it *torture* and finally cried "uncle" and let my contractor do it the way he always does (read: ignoring the predrilled holes).

I have 47" of prep space between the sink and the range and the fridge is just off Stage Left (it's in the same place it was in the "before," it's just no longer a SZ).

Eventually, we'll have a center work table where the Crazy Island once lived but the production time on it is 14-16 weeks. I just finished the design specs with the builder today since the one I originally ordered from NapaStyle is utter garbage. NS handled it gracefully after a little social networking shaming.

So without further ado....


(generally same view) AFTER:

The kitchen really isn't dark now, but the original listing photo is really over-exposed or otherwise brightened by Photoshop or the like. Also, it's a screen shot from a video of the house.

I can't wait to give you a full view! I'm really quite happy with the result.

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Oh, that looks great! I love your wall of tile. I kinda like the curtain too, has a casual vintage feel.

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That looks so pretty!

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Really nice!

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Your drawer/door hardware arrangement makes me grin (back at it). It would cheer me up everyday to walk in and see my cabinets smiling at me.

Waiting eagerly for big reveal ::taps feet::


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I've been anxiously waiting to see how you modified the entire 1st floor. This looks great!

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Looks great so far! Love the colors, the tile, and the skirt!

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Vintage chic!
I like the curtain, it all works really well together!

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Molly Phillips

Two things: One, I grew up in central AR, so I feel a kinship to you (my parents still live in my hometown). Knowing how small the state is, we may know one another!

Second: did you pick the backsplash first, then work around that? Everything works so well together, it seems you went with the showstopper and then picked the counters and cabinet colors. Whatever system you used, it worked perfectly! Makes me wish we had chosen our bs first and went with something bold, instead of now trying to match our counters.

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I picked the cabinet color first. Originally, I wanted Martha Stewart Fortune Cookie (from HD) for the cabinets; however, there was a very unappealing pink-y undertone to that yellow in our space. So I went to my pile of fan decks and picked the One True Yellow. Then I learned that what looks like the OTY on the chip will not look like that on an entire bank of cabinets. You need a color that looks nothing like your OTY.

Then I happened to be in HD the day they were installing their new countertops display and I saw the Corian Witch Hazel. They were having a sale and I just happened to have my Kitchen Book with me with all my measurements, samples, etc. so I pulled the trigger and ordered it.

I knew I wanted brass faucets and I knew I had to blend in my sort of orange-y oak floors. I saw the Florida flower in the late summer but the source I found was $65/sq ft. Not doable (even though my husband said it was fine and to order it). I knew I needed that yellow onyx to tie all my tones together, so I searched endlessly. Then, one day, it came up in a search with an eBay seller (for $19.99 sq. ft.)! Sold! And, because I needed so much, I got free shipping. Yay! I did buy extra because onyx is fragile and I knew there would be a lot of cutting, but the tile handled it like a champ so I have every single bit of overage left over.

Our whole first floor is sort of traditional in a non traditional palette. We have a lot of original art and we wanted a very fresh, uncluttered cottage vibe on the first floor. I think we pulled it off. I am so thrilled with the first floor, I can hardly stand it. The only thing left to do is to pick some wall paper for the powder room and get that room done.

My husband and I are both from Virginia and came to Little Rock after a five year run in New Orleans. We really love Arkansas. It's such a pretty state and we love our neighborhood. It's been a good move for us.

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You did paint grade shaker with slab drawers then? Did you choose the recommended alder frame with an mdf panel, or did you upgrade to the maple panel?

I'm wondering what the slab drawer fronts are made of. They look gorgeous!

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I did the alder frame, upgraded to the maple panel, and the slab drawers are maple.

I painted a ton of MDF for my box beams and if I never saw MDF again, it would be too soon - although I know it is completely acceptable as a panel in a door.

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It's adorable. I love the skirt and that your cabinets are smiling.

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Looking good! I like that you are trying to keep the cottage vibe. Our house is a small 1923 bungalow and I am also trying to make choices that seem in keeping with both the age and the style of the house. I am excited to see your final reveal.

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Hey, the cabs are smiling! Your cab color is really a great yellow. And the tile, sigh, the tile..... such beautiful tile...

I forget again, what was the reason for the Shiloh cabs in one spot and Barker for the rest?

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The Shiloh/Barker split was all $$. My original bid was $57k for the first floor/kitchen project (without appliances, faucets, lighting). With careful shopping, scaling back, and some DIY, I got the project in at $35k with appliances, faucets, lighting).

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My goodness. How many cabs do you have? Or wait, that was for a lot more than just cabs, now that I actually read for comprehension. You done good knocking it down that far. Wow.
And still having it look as awesome as I think it's going to! Can't wait to see the whole thing.

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