Fiberglass pools, NJ

jbcigarsFebruary 19, 2008


I just started researching options for fiberglass pools in NJ and am looking for any advice! We are looking at Leisure Line, Dolphin and Waterworld. Leisure and Dophin are being sold by Castaway Pools in Vineland NJ. I have read some not so g;lowing reviews of this company. Not much negative on Waterworld (yet?). Any info on any of these pool manufacturers or distributers would be great. Or are there other we should be looking at? Thanks!

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We got ours from WaterWorld this past August. It is an 18x44 8ft deep with buddy seats on each corner. We LOVE it, and loved WaterWorld. They were great to deal with. We are in PA and they have never refused to send a full crew to meet any of our needs. Don - the owner doesn't seem like the most personable man at first, but he is really great. All of their crew was outstanding during our install, and even after. I'd go with them again!

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Thanks Abbysmom! Appreciate the feedback.

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I have also used waterworld in Hammonton NJ. Very happy with them. I agree Don the owner is not personable. Just a downright honest business man. Only says what he means and backs up what he says. No fluff or hard sell from him. Everything they promised they did. Even when we had problems not related to them they fixed it. They only supply the pool and you must use your own installer, excavator, electrician etc.. but they have a list of the regular guys they use in NJ and they are awesome! Most of them only do waterworld pools exclusivley. We used Jose the excavator they recommended and he was wonderful. Quite the can-do guy who works all the problems out. We also had all our concrete/decking done by Charlie. Again great job/fair price. I only have one word of caution. Unlike a regular pool contractor who takes on all the responsibility(and gets paid for it) When you go through Waterworld you become the contractor per say. That is you are doing your own scheduling of subs and getting your own permits etc.. I had zero problems but I often wondered what would happen had my township who issued the permit came up with a problem or when I was siting the pool in the yard, what if I had measured the line wrong and dug too close to the nehighbor's yard or something. Jose dug exactly where I told him and Charlie laid the concrete just the way I asked him. It was on me to make sure it was all correct. Had I employed a pool contractor it would have been on him to make sure it was all correct and if the inspector said "this is wrong, dig it up" I would expect the contractor to be doing it at no cost to me. However I saved a butt-load of money ( like $20K) doing it my way. Good luck to you - Joe

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I will 100% agree with all the stated above. I will buy another waterworld pool if i ever move. It was such a great experience and we love our pool. Two year prior we did an addition on our home and that ended up a nitemare. Due to that I scrutinized every aspect of the pool to hopefully ensure a smooth install. We used Jose for excavating, charlie for concrete and Gibson for electrical..all recommended by waterworld. All top notch and none of them added $.01 to their quotes. All highly recommended. My story with pics is documented on here from last year. I even made a thank you video for waterworld which they now show to every customer interested in a fiberglass pool. Best wishes on whatever pool you chose. Enjoy.


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Does WaterWorld come to your home and help with the design and placement of the pool? Also, do they provide any services such as winterization or do you handle that with a local service?


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We used Pool Designs Inc. from Yardville,NJ. They serviced us from 3 hours away, which was a bit tricky. However finished product is a masterpiece. They did it all from design, layout, financing, and paperwork for permits. They also sell dolphin pools among others--I chose dolphin because it is made locally (Pleasantville NJ) which saved me a bundle on shipping.Stay away from CAstaway Pools--just a gut feeling- questionable business practices.

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I am in NJ and have a waterworld pool. They will open and close your pool if your within a reasonable distance. I love the fact that they manufactured, installed and now service my finger pointing! I whole heartedly recommend Water World.


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Hello all. I'm thinking about doing business with Waterworld but am confused on one point. An earlier post suggests that you need your own installer with Waterworld. They told me they will do it for $5K. Were others given this option?

Also, I was told they do not take credit cards. This makes me nervous. Any thoughts?

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I bought my pool from waterworld in 2005. They did a great job - their people care. I had the pool dug out by a local contractor. Waterworld delivered, set, leveled, and ran the plumbing. I did the rest or hired someone. What all would you be getting for your $5000?

The credit card thing bothered me at first too -but
- cards cost them about 1.5%
- card expose them to a possible chargeback

so I got over it & sent them the money.

One suggestion- upgrade the plumbing size. Mine came with 1 1/2" & uses too much electricity. Go with 3" wouuld be my suggestion(at least 2").

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Thanks ameteurpb. $5000 includes them delivering to Connecticut, setting, leveling and plumbing all the equipment. I will have the hole excavated and will have gravel ready on site. I'll have my electrician come in after and I will pour the slab and put up the fence.

I appreciate the response and the info about the pipe size. I thought the pipe size would be a function of the pump. I guess I can just ask them what is involved in changing. I also want them to add a valve so I can connect a solar heater after they leave.

Thanks again

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Hi Jb,

Quickly about pipe size. A bigger pipe doesnt save you money. Pipe size is all about how much water you can move how quickly. With a larger pipe you will need a larger pump which equals more electricity. Waterworld put our pool in last year and would definately do business with them again. They are honest, they care and do what they say. I understand the concern with the credit card and felt same way especially after a construction nightmare two years prior to the pool. As for the cost yes the $5k will include what you said. It also takes care of the permints to bring up the pool. A permit must be purchased for each pool that is delivered. I did a TON of research before I decided with them. If you search fiberglass and lsbarkley on here you will see my pics and prior posts and longer explanations about Waterworld. You wont be disappointed. Just ensure you hole is dug correctly...we used Waterworlds excavtor but we are only about an hour from the plant in NJ. Hope that helps. If you have any other questions please ask.


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Just wanted to follow this thread up by saying I went with Waterworld to install a 16x43x6 pool a few weeks ago. Overall I am happy with the company and the installation. I have a running issue with one component but at this point it's more a problem with Hayward.

With regard to the pipe size, I did more research and agree that 1.5" is what is needed for this pool.

Thanks again for the input!

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Can someone please explain your calcs to show how 1.5 inch pipe is sufficient versus 2 inch pipe? I have read previous posts stating that 2 inch pipe should be the minimum. I'm not sure if they were talking about pools with a bigger volume (e.g.: 25,000 gals vs 20,000 gals). Thanks.

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Hi Baron,

I am by no means an expert on pipe sizing. I do believe several factors determine what size pump. Volume of water, size of pool (how many returns, etc) and also if you have seat jets some pools have as many as 8. Only so much water can travel through a 1 1/2" pipe. But if you dont have all those usually 1 1/2" will suffice. I have a neighbor with a 30,000 gallon pool that is 8' depth and has 1 1/2 pipe with no issues. If you want more "expert" info ask this same question at Hope that least a little.


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What did most of you pay for delivery of the pool if you lived within 30miles of water world? I'm trying to put prices together to see if it's within our budget now...or if we need to wait another year or so. Thanks in advance for your responses...


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We are also considering using Water World for our pool. They gave me a great price for the whole project (using their suggested contractors). The price was almost the same as the vinyl liner pool we considered.

My question is for those who have gotten pools installed by Water World. The prices that are quoted, how closely do they match the final price? Were there any hidden fees? Did you have to pull your own permit for the township?

Another question is regarding financing. How do people do it? I don't want to go the home equity route since we have an outstanding loan there already. There are a few places on line that offer fixed rate financing for pools.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Castaway Pools has been shut down by the NJ Attorney General. John Dalyrmple has scammed thousands from many. He got $3800 from us for a pool cover.

We had a Leisure Pool installed and are very happy with it. Leisure Pools is working to help those hurt by John... even though they've been hurt by him too.

We know Leisure is still working to sell pools in this area and recommend them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pool Website

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Hi..I searched for posts on Water World because we chose this company. They will do the whole thing, deliver, install, the cement is done by a cement guy that does all of their pools. I became a little nervous when someone on this board advised me to document everything carefully with WW.So now that time has passed, are you still happy with the pool quality, service, etc? thanks in advance.

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I purchased a fiberglass pool from waterworld about 10 years ago.second yr I got large stains on bottom I did everything known to man to figurer out the problem. It was their product with defect. that year they said they would come out & resurface 3 dy. very messy job to do. It looked nice. Well every year or 2 they have to come out to resurface. Its coming up on sixth time to resurface.Each time its something different. Bubbles on surface or surface is rubbing off. Its been a nightmare just about every year. Getting ready to contact them AGAIN. Surface is now rubbing off again and pool water gets very cloudy.
But they do come back and try to fix it. Its a big headache.

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Thanks for the response....Im so sorry you are having problems with your pool. Was it one of the granite colors? I wonder if we should ask them about that. Thanks in advance.

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It's not worth the aggravation to deal with Waterworld pools. They have no concept of organization. They really believe that they are doing you a favor rather than you being a paying customer. The owner thinks he can say whatever he wants and lie repeatedly about delivery or work to be done. Their claim of seven days is total garbage. Their process has inherent delays built in. They deliver the pool with no pool equipment. Then there is no money to buy the equipment or its back ordered. Or they try to trick you by sending out the wrong pool equipment hoping you won't notice the cheap crap. They are dishonest but yet expect to get paid as per contract. Don't......just dont

Here is a link that might be useful: ABC news report on Waterworld pools

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OK, I'm going to try not to be emotional... I'll keep it to the facts.

Frist, Waterworld has gone from an A to F rating with the Better Business Bureau. Check for yourself. When I made the purchase, they were an A. When I needed them to repair my pool (under full warranty), they couldn't be found. Understand, the problem I had with my pool was communicated to their support staff (and Don himself) repeatedly over a THREE year period. Each year they blew me off over and over and over again. I finally got my problems addressed but Don instructed his field tech to apply a band-aide solution versus taking the time to do the job right. I fully expect to be chasing them down again in another 2 years or less.

The sad thing is, they make a good product for the most part but lack proper quality assurance. They also need major changes with their support staff as the people I've dealt with couldn't have been any less professional.

Stay away from them. They are not cheap and there are other choices in the industry.

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BEWARE!! We had our money stolen from Don himself! He took our deposit in July of 2013 and never delivered.....NOTHING!!!!! We wish we would have done more research on this company. If you ask me he is a thief and should spend time in jail!! BEWARE!

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Anyone use Artistic pools out of Cinnaminson, NJ? I've researched as best I could and talked with other customers and felt confident enough to take the plunge. We are to install this spring- well we're about 13th on the list! They deal mostly or exclusively in Leisure brand.

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Peter McSharry

Kooops, how did it go with Artistic Pools? I've been in touch with them about installing a pool for us, so I'd be interested in hearing about your experience since it's about a year now. Thanks in advance.

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